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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I hope this finds everyone doing well.  I have two craft markets coming up, one in Oct. and the other in Nov. While I am pretty much house bound I am getting some work done.
I have been trying my hand with paper and fabric.

Linking up with Julia for the mid week look at work spaces.  
Oh look, it's Julia's blog on the laptop!
Back at it in the kitchen nook area again.
Can't use stairs yet.
The cupcake liner wreaths are not completed yet.  They are so cute in person.

I LOVE watermelon Trident gum!

Covering cardboard boxes with paper, paint and/or tissue paper.

And a few yo yo bows.
Going to town this afternoon when my daughters get out of school.  (I cannot drive yet)  Getting my hair washed, buying one of my daughters some fancy shoes and going to the craft store.
I tried these bows with the scraps I had here, now I know what I need to hopefully make them cuter.  I also need headbands and clips for the back of them.


Friday, September 21, 2012

FNF, FF and What I Won..

Here's hoping everyone has had a good week.  It seems there are several of us bloggers walking through some issues right now. I know of two other people who have had surgery on their hip besides me just recently.  Positive thoughts and air hugs are coming your way!

I am linking up with French County Cottage , where you show ways you are feathering up your living space, inside or out.  And hopefully Tootsie will accept these flowers for Flaunting since I am pretty much house bound right now.
Plenty of inspiration between these two parties to keep your mind busy.

Here's what all those dyed coffee filters were for Grace.
I have been making flowers to adorn some wreaths and other items for the upcoming French Country Market.

That's a 'piece' of a Hydrangea bloom from 2011 in the background.

How do you think they turned out?

If you have never visited Marydon, you should.  She is sincerely one of the kindest woman I have never met. (for some reason blogger isn't letting her page come up, keep trying)

Marydon hosts all types of give-a-ways on her blog.  
I was blessed to win, what I thought was a decorated bottle last week.  When the package arrived the joy overflowed and came out of my eyes.
It contained the bottle, a painted spoon, a lavender sachet, two "Frenchy" Magazines and a heartwarming note.
One side of the bottle.

Aren't the painted roses just beautiful?
Other side of the bottle,  decoupaged photo.
Thank you for your generosity Celestina.  Celestina's blog and her Etsy Store

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Update and Bloomin' Tuesday...finally

First, I want to send out a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that have encouraged me along this journey and it ain't over yet, lol.

Went for my two week post op yesterday.  Of course I'm a little ahead of the game, and the surgeon wasn't doing cartwheels over it.  He is glad that I feel better, but I must slow down and be obedient if I want my hip to heal properly.  I am still having plenty of discomfort, but golly gee whiz I feel better!

As my daughter was driving me to town on Saturday, we pulled out of the driveway and I screamed, "Oh My Gosh!  That new phlox is blooming!!"

I have only been out of the house twice since the 4th.  I will be on crutches at least 4 more weeks, no squatting, twisting, bending, bath tub bathing, driving, yada, yada, yada. Nothing over 90 degrees or hyperextending, could pop out of the socket, ouch!
Ornamental Potato Vine gone wild!  This isn't the only area that's gone wild....sheesh..

The two holes in my upper thigh are open so they have to be protected from any bacteria entering or that could be really bad.  The cartilage had apparently grown all haywire and he had a lot of cleaning up to do.  He gave me before and after photos, looks like a planet to me.

My then 17 year old, she is 18 today, and my 14 year old worked  a craft show for me on Sept. 8th.  This is one side of the booth.  The only instructions I gave was to use two table cloths instead of one.  Pretty good without ever doing it before, don't you think?  They made a few bucks too...
I have a couple more I am entering, I really need to hobble around here and get busy...seeing how I have to let the gardening go for now....what is the Lord trying to tell me?  hmmm

Linking up with Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday.

Be Blessed!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Quick Hello....

Hi Everyone....
I am still hanging out on the sofa, sleeping a lot and feeling sick to my stomach when I am awake.  I am doing okay with the crutches.  My post-op is Monday the 17th, very curious as to what the surgeon will say.  Not sure when I will get back to gardening.  It looks dreadful out there right now.  

I don't really care for "cold" weather... but as far as the garden goes, I am ready for a visit from Jack Frost to put it to sleep.  Yep, it's that dreadful looking.

I cannot sit in the chair in front of my computer because of the pain so I have to borrow one of my daughter's laptops when they are not in use.  I am behind with blogging, visiting and emailing.  Going to try and play a little catch up tonight.  

Be Blessed!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Surgery Update

The surgery on Monday went pretty good.  I had some cam lesions that they repaired.  Not sure what those are.  My labrum looked good.  I have several areas of trauma to the hip where there is no cartilage at all, its bone on bone.  He said he is sure its from gymnastics.  I'll find out on the 17th what our next step is.  He also wants me to see the spine doctor, something about a crack maybe...sigh

I had quite a bit of bleeding during surgery, even after he closed me up it was still bleeding a lot.  He doesn't quite know why other than blood is made in the bones......

I have these two velcro boots and a big cylinder looking pillow.  I am supposed to be strapped in the boots and the boots strapped to the pillow thingy so as not to rotate my hip at all.  The first night it lasted from 9:30 until 11:30 before I had to go to the bathroom and then until 2:30a.m.  My husband has to put them on and off for me.  At two thirty, I said we are going to the living room.  I cannot wear those things on my feet, so I have been sleeping sitting up with a pillow. By my right leg to keep it from rotating.  Crutches are difficult for me right now.  I am also not supposed to sit at more than a 90% angle or turn the leg at all because I run the risk of popping it out of the socket.

I'll keep you updated.

Be blessed, I am!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Surgery Day

Leaving in 6 minutes to go to the hospital, I'm the first one scheduled this at 7:30 a.m.
See ya soon!!

Be Blessed....