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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Working With Glass Tiles

1/ 2 inch glass tile post earrings
tie tacks
Oh, these are thin pieces of wood. The image was printed in black and white, I used colored pencils to add a pop of color and put jewelry glaze over it.

1 inch pendants

pendants, earrings, tie tacks in progress.
I just added some items to my Etsy shop.  Items can be ordered here, Facebook or Etsy..
Just saying....

: )

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WOYWW and Wildflower Wednesday

Linking up with Julia over at Stamping Ground for WOYWW.  Ran out of paint again for the apartment downstairs, which is being slowly  transformed into my crafting/shoppe area.  Therefore, the kitchen nook area table  ... ... you just get to see a tiny area of it.. :)
Various stages of glass pendants, earrings and tie tacks. Various stages of scrabble tile pendants and earrings, beads, earring hooks and studs, microglaze, scissors, chains, findings... so imagine, or not, the rest of the table, sigh.
If you are here just for WOYWW stop now..

  Ms. Doris gave me a few different cuttings a couple of months ago.  Ahh, I see I have another color of  Native Salvia Coccinea , the most common planted wildflower in Florida, at least the southern half...I'm north.  Already in the gardens are the salmon and red color.  Annual to zone 4, survives winters in zones 9, 10 and sometimes 8 (I'm 8, it does just fine).  Plantings also persist by reseeding if established.  For Gail: Attracts the attention of nearly every pollinating insect, especially bees and larger butterflies. It is also a hummingbird nectar source.
These are recessive genes, if the red is planted nearby they will all revert back to red.  I have red in another part of our yard, so far so good with the salmon colored one.
Have a blessed day~~!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

Vacation Bible School went well.  Thank you for all the good wishes for our Church and the children we ministered too.

Linking up with Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday.

Just pure yuck on my Dahlia!  They were squished this morning.
A hanging container of Angelina Sedum and Purple Queen, the Grandpa Ott's morning glory is in the ground, it's just winding around the lattice and anything close by...

Some of the Trumpet Lilies, I have about 8 plants that bloomed a week or more ago.
I just love the bright orangey-red of the Turk's Cap.

Sunday at Church the Pastor presented myself and my partner in crime, Ms. Wendy a potted Begonia...perfect for me!

Black Oil sunflower seeds dropped from the bird feeders.  This seems to be the only way I am successful with growing sunflowers.  By the feeders the squirrels leave them alone, in the gardens the squirrels cut the blooms.
Today begins yet another exciting chapter, at least for our 17 year old.  She has a sitting this morning for her Senior Portraits....sniff, sniff.....

Be Blessed!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Give-A-Way over at Thrifty Groove...

Thrifty Groove is having a great summer give-a-way sponsored by Carmex..You have a  6 chances to win a great canvas bag with wonderful lip balm...great for summer parched lips or upcoming winter wind burned lips.  Drop by and enter contest ends July 27~~!

Carmex Gift Giveaway!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday and Medical Update

Joining up with Ms. Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday .  It's either HOT or stormy around my area...we even had hail two days in a row.  I was outside for less than 15 minutes today taking these photos and was dripping with sweat when I came back in.
Amaranth -- Joseph's Coat.  It self seeds here and there and LOVES the heat!

Plumbago -- am I supposed to prune this ever?
I have had it for 3 or 4 years

Garden Phlox -- Nikki.

Garden Phlox -- David.

Knockout Roses...these are the regular, I personally prefer the Double Knock Out Roses, they have more petals and stay cleaner looking longer.  I have two very large pink doubles.

Stunted Glads.....

Went to the surgeon yesterday.  I do have a labral tear in my hip, in the hip socket where the ball sits there is a thick lining for cushion.  That is what's torn.  I start Physical Therapy the 26th for a few weeks then back to the surgeon for re-evaluation.  I also got a knee injection.  I have had 5 injections throughout my body and this was one of the worst.  Not only did it bring me to tears, by the time I got home I was sick to my stomach which caused me to miss opening night of Vacation Bible School.  I am one of two clowns for opening and closing Assembly. That is one of the reasons for my absence on blogger, VBS preparation.
Lord willing, I'll be there tonight!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weather Update and WOYWW...

Linking up with Julia over at Stamping Ground for a look see into crafting/working areas.
crazy weather, hip/back/knee issues and sinus difficulties I have been playing and working on my creations..below is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday as of this morning around 12.30...
(couldn't sleep)
Alcohol inked cards, game piece tiles, a 12 x 12 tile re-order tile and two packages ready for pick up.

I tried to capture the hail bouncing on the brick in front of our porch yesterday afternoon.  There are two or three pieces right in the center at the edge of the flowing water, you might have to click on the photo and enlarge to see them.  You could look up the hill and literally see the hail bouncing on the grass as it was falling.

We received over 2 inchs in one hour.

It seems our weather is extreme this year one way or the other....

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!