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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday...Part ll

You will have to excuse my excitement, I am home alone and a real girlie squeal about a new bloom is not as affective without someone here to hear it..My husband will hear it when he gets home, by then it will be ready to burst out of me!
I posted questions about the Nasturtium in my first Bloomin' Tuesday Post, well in preparing for the very ugly weather we are supposed to be getting I was taking down my hanging baskets to put on the front porch...........and look, look, just look!

and I found three more buds!
This is the other type that I have that was not on the earlier post. This foliage is reddish burgandy on the back and tips with the leaves a greenish blue. Red flowers. Empress of India.

That's verbena in the basket with it and the Lord only knows what the little tidbits of green are.

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Not to be outdone by the Ornamental Kale--the flowering Cabbage is getting in on the act.
Daff- Large Cup Ice Follies -- last of the Daffs to bloom!

This Hibiscus is so root ground or larger container ? That has been my question.

Nasturtium sowed the seeds right in this container there's some Forget-Me-Nots in the center.

I bought this one because I was unsure of the the seeds. I have several different kinds scattered around...........when do they bloom and how large do the plants grow?

Store bought Celosia smaller than the type that reseeds crazily in my garden.

I am enjoying this Cleome, bought two plants and now the seeds I sowed directly in the ground are coming up.

Struggling Impatiens.......they will do fine.

Cyclamen--we have had about 4 inches of rain this past week and now they are predicting 6 -12 inches more in the next 3 days............Let's just hope that "they" are a little off in their prediction!

Yeah, yeah, we all know that this is red Salvia not orange!




and some more Petunias with Marigold and Alyssum seedling coming out the side of the planter.

No, these are not all of my Petunias by any means.



Dianthus............of course I have more of this too!

and just because I am still trying to get better at the bird photography (it's not easy for me) here are two Mourning Doves.

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Monday, March 30, 2009

It Was A Super Sunday!

Saturday morning we packed the girls up and sent them on a 9 day vacation with their Grandparents..............YIPPEE! That means that hubby and I get to do what we want when we want without stopping to make sure everyone is accounted for, fed, cleaned, homework done and the bickering down to a minimum.
After a trip to the grocery store and Lowes, where we picked up some tomato plants, a couple more loropetulam, some african marigolds, begonias, some other shrub I can't remember right now, supertunias and Guara we came home and got to work.
This is the Guara Guara lindheimeri - a heat tolerant perennial, fast growth rate, size 3 x 3 and cold hardy 0 to 10.
Have any of you grown this before? It's new to me.
I posted this crazy wild onion yesterday, I have never seen wild onions do this. What is it doing?
Thanks to I finally found Proven Winners Supertunia Raspberry Blast!

I can't wait for this hanging basket to over flow with these beautiful flowers!
My geraniums are starting to bloom. It's more of a peachy pink color than I picked up with the camera.
African Marigold
My Salvia "Hot Lips" is starting to bloom, haven't seen the red and white together on a bloom although there are seperate red and white blooms so far.
and the Bluebirds have been very diligent taking care of their new home!
To finish our Super Sunday my husband boiled crab legs, grilled steak with mushrooms and onions and cooked some mashed potatoes. Hope your Sunday was Super too! (Now I'm off to mow the lawn)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today's Flowers and....................

Today's Flowers posting early, will add my name to the Meme when it's updated.
Primroses are still hanging in there.
Butterfly Bush
Gerbera Daisy
Society Garlic will bloom until frost
Beautiful Dogwood Tree bloom, it does resemble the cross as mentioned in the Legend of the Dogwood Tree, see the blood stains?
Prickly Pear Cactus out by the road, neighbors side.
My husband found this unique leaf. Pretty enough to be a flower.See all of the Tangerine to enlarge.
Grapefruit is full too. Citrus Trees smell divine!

What in the world is this wild onion up to?
Ahh, the first rose bud on my Double Knockout Rose Bushes. first Hummingbird photo this year!!
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Friday, March 27, 2009

Candle Winners.....Your Candles Are Ready!!

Well everyone knows that I have been wanting/needing some rain........Well, we sure have been getting it, so today I finished the Giveaway Candles. Blossom at first place your candles are the three to the right, blue, peach and the little striped one in front.
Carolynn at yours is the light orange one to the left. Last but not least by any means is Catherine at yours is the green one! Click to enlarge.
I etched some little pictures on the containers and then I used some glass paint to decorate them a little. There's a bumblebee at the end of the yellow dots and some tulips coming out of the grass.
Here I etched three little flowers and put a red dot in the center.You can see the Bumblebee on this one to the left of the tag and below the tag is a lady bug.This one has a vine coming down the left side and across the bottom I put a red dot in the center
of the flowers.
Once you burn the candle completely, clean the container with hot soapy water you will be able to see the etching better. You can then reuse the containers to hold candy or whatever. I sure hope you enjoy not only the candles but having a cute little container later. If you would like to know what the candle will smell like before you light it, plug in your hair dryer put in on the highest heat setting and melt the top of the candle, let it sit still to dry. Will be mailing them this Monday!