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Monday, March 2, 2009

I'm Ready For The Gardening To Begin!

Remember last month I dropped the shears on my right big toe and ran to get a tetanus shot?
I have been having severe pain in my right elbow for almost a year now. Today I got a cortisone shot in my elbow. Did it hurt? Yes. Thank goodness he used that freezing spray or he would probably be in the hospital about now! He said the next three days are going to be very painful and then I should be good to go. I believe I am just about Doctored up to begin some serious gardening.

A couple of things I am looking forward to seeing. Photos taken August 2008.
Purple Vinca surrounded by Wishbone

and my Rose of Sharon Tree (Hibiscus Family). Actually it is starting to show signs of green.

Are you ready, willing and ABLE to begin some serious gardening?


Anonymous said...

I think I am ready to begin some serious gardening once all this crazy snow goes away. ;) Hope your elbow gets better soon!

The Conservative Gardener said...

I should re-name myself.......the "Serious Gardener".

tina said...

Hope it starts feeling better soon. Gotta get ready for gardening!

Rosemarie said...

I'm so sorry that you are in pain right now! I hope that it does pass as quickly as the doctor says it will.

Those pictures are beautiful - love the water droplets on them. I think when the girls get older I may try my hand at gardening.

Anonymous said...

I hope your elbow feels better and soon! Lovely pictures, I especially love the wishbone and vinca in purple.

Jake said...

Ooh, hope it starts to feel better. How to Rose of Sharon's do down here, in Knetucky bloomed all summer until the first frost and then changed apretty fall clor and then lost the leaves.


bennie and patsy said...

Spring come on to Arkansas. The snow is leaveing and the sun is out.

Luiz Santilli Jr said...


Wonderful post with marvelous Hibiscus!
I have many hibiscus in my garden.
Today I posted some of my collection!
Thanks for posting.


Darla said...

Thanks for the good wishes for a pain free's getting quite sore now.

Rosemarie: Let the little one's help you start a small garden, they would love to scatter wild flower seeds and water them and then pick the blooms!

Mildred: I too love the purple vinca, don't find much of it here. Wishbone come back every year, at least so far.

Jake: Rose of Sharons do wonderful here, if you don't over water them.

Betsy: I do hope the old man winter is tired of dropping snow. General consensus is the he needs a good long rest!

Luiz: You do have great flowers and I do so love your hibiscus plants.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Girlfriend, You commented to ME before I posted!!! ha ha... By the way, George did get a kick out of your comment on his blog about me!!!!! I told him you were my special Florida gardener friend.

Love Vinca. We have them here all summer. One year we had all purple and one year we had some gorgeous reds.

Oh Girlie---how did you hurt your elbow? Is it an arthritis thing--or an injury which didn't heal??? I hope the Cortison helps. I've heard that it does.


Darla said...

Crap I meant to type Patsy, sorry Patsy.

Betsy: It's tennis elbow, never played tennis a day in my life! LOL Very common in gardeners though.

Susie said...

Girl, I am so ready I can taste it! Tomorrow it is suppose to be almost 60 so I'll be out there in the dirt again. I start back to work on Thurs. so there are a couple of more chores to do before then. If I don't get them done now, it won't happen. Hope your elbow gets to feeling better!

Darla said...

Susie: I'm with you girl!! I have been covering seedlings up with bathcloths, seems to be working pretty good, don't laugh, you know darn well the lengths we will go to, to save a plant!!!

Phillip said...

I'm getting ready for gardening too. This winter has been way too long! I hope your arm gets better soon.

Carla said...

YES! (oh, sorry, didn't mean to shout;)
I'm so ready, your blooms are heavenly! Come on spring, I'm ready:)

Leedra said...

Glad you finally broke down and got the shot in the elbow. Sometimes they aren't as bad as they predict. One time I had one that gave me instant relieve with no pain. Hopefully yours will be that way.

We are all wanting those first blooms to assure us spring will get here this year.

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Sue said...

I hope your elbow heals. I'd be careful, though. Have you been given any exercises to do to strengthen it? I had tennis elbow from helping my husband shovel gravel into our back yard. I had several cortizone shots. It would get better for awhile, but the pain would return. I went to physical therapy, too. After several years, I had a minimally invasive surgery. The doctor advertised on the radio, saying you would be able to go back to your normal activities within a few days, so I was surprised he gave me a lifting restriction for awhile. Even then, my pain did not go away for awhile. I thought maybe the surgery didn't work, but after a few weeks, it got better, and I am pleased that it no longer bothers me.

You probably didn't need to know all that, but I would check into strengthening exercises, and favor that elbow for awhile.

Mother Sue :o)

Olga said...

I like the raindrops on the first photo.