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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Visiting Ms. Doris Again.

Finally I captured her walking off to the side, everytime I took a photo she was darting off somewhere. Promise a better one next timeMs. Doris has some activity happening in her gardens too. I just posted her garden March 3rd.
Crown of Thorns

Can't remember this one, it makes a bush and the flowers are very pretty. Oh, Ms. Doris, I might need to bring paper and pen next time.

Native Buckeye I believe....I will check and come back and make corrections if need be.
Her Granddaughter makes her one these every year.
This is Mr. Allen, digging up a plant for me! Yeah, I forgot it's name too.

Bush Daisy
Spirea (Bridal Wreath)
I cannot believe this Calla Lily was blooming and had buds still forming, mine are even up yet!
She made this container combo and it's very pretty, the photo quality isn't real good, if anyone knows the name of the little pon pom looking white flower let us know, they were missed labeled at Home Depot. Ms. Doris reads this blog and the comments so please feel free to leave a comment for her or questions and I can get the answers for you.
She really appreciated the comments from March 3rd when I posted about her gardens for the first time. Can't wait to go back and take larger photos!


Dani said...

Such a green thumb she has!

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have such gardening mentor to share plants with. Ms. Doris your garden is beautiful! Those little white pom-poms look like something from the daisy family to me.

tina said...

Lovely garden and you are so lucky to have a gardening neighbor. Hi Ms. Doris! I think that white pom pom flower might be a type of shasta daisy? Crazy daisy maybe? The calla lily is lovely. I have tried to grow them to no avail. Maybe I'll try again.

Valerie said...

Oh I so enjoyed this visit with you and Ms. Doris. Don't you just love her? I love to visit women like this that have the same interest as me and a whole lot of knowledge. Oh what we can learn from them. Thank you Ms. Doris & Darla!!

Jake said...

Her yard looks very beautiful and has a ton of stuff blooming in it, which I like! My Bush Daisies are staring to get new flower buds and one is close to opening. The freeze killed thier old flowers and buds. :(


gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

I think the little flowers are English daisy's. I've been seeing them in the nurseries. They are perennials some places, but not for me.
How nice to have them share a plant with you, it's very pretty!

Susie said...

Ms. Doris has so many beautiful flowers. I can only imagine how fun it is to live next door to her. I agree with Catherine, I think those little daisies are English daisies.

Jean said...

Darla, Thank you for the tour! What a lovely garden. I agree with the last two comments. The flowers are English daisies. They come is shades of pink also. Jean

Sue said...

At first I thought you had taken a pic of the neighbor who was mad at you. I'm glad it was this about a nice neighbor. Thanks, gals! Lovely blooms! I thought the mystery flowers could be calendulas, but I think the English daisy people are right.

Happy spring!

fishing guy said...

Darla: What a neat flower display. My Calla Lillies are still buried under leaf mulch. I think i will wait a couple of more weeks.

Jill said...

I love the stepping stones.. How special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't get enough of these flowers. I love the one that you didn't know the name of... lol

Blossom said...

Darla and Ms Doris; lovely flowers. I like that pot of combo plants. I might want to try it some time. Soon.
And Ms Doris, will you be an angel and dig up a plant for me too ...

Deb said...

you are lucky to have Ms. Doris, you are like me I don't always know the names of plants and flowers but I know when I like them, and really that is all that matters

Anonymous said...

Oh yes...this is grand! I really like the walkway/boardwalk and entrance to the garden. That is so classy. Lucky for you both to be friends and enjoy the garden chit chat.

I agree, English Daisy

Leedra said...

Lovely yard, the entrance is so pretty along that walk. My calla lilies aren't up either, but here they shouldn't be yet.

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