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Friday, June 29, 2012


Just want to let everyone know I am a little busy at the moment.  Hopefully (my plan), I will be back posting mid July.  I am however taking time here and there to read posts here and there, :) .

We received quite a bit of rain from Tropical Storm Debby, now we are back into the triple digit heat. Two of my daughters went for an early morning run and since they are already sweaty it just made good sense for me to say, please drench every container garden in the yard...ahh, I just heard the water turn off.  Thank you girls!

See you around blogland!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

(wet) Bloomin' Tuesday

It's time to join Jean for Bloomin' Tuesday ...Courtesy of Tropical Storm Debby the first photo was taken from the back door of our kitchen looking onto our upper deck.

This photo was taken from the front porch (as were the other two this morning) 

It's been raining since Sunday morning early
The big green bush in the center is a Lacecap Hydrangea..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

FF and Cottage Garden Party

It's either raining or so hot and humid you can't stand it for long outside here in North Florida.  I do grin when I read about the northern gardener's complaining of the heat as I am sure they grin when we complain about the cold in winter.

Here is my offering for FF over at Tootsie's and  Cottage Garden Party over at Fishtail Cottage...both of these parties start later tonight.

Profusion pink Zinnias
The next three  photos are of the same area, Susans, Coneflowers, Zinnias, Cosmos, and Blue Bedder Salvia in the full sun garden.

Bright yellow pom pom Marigolds with newly planted gifted Day Lily, color unknown and Blanket Flower.

Jane Cowell Hibiscus second year in this container
Hibiscus don't seem to mind being root bound...will replant in the fall.

Painted Lady Hibiscus third year in this container, I do house both of these Hibisus in the greenhouse over the winter months.
It must not mind being root bound either....will replant in the fall.

Putting my spin on stamped washer pendants with inks and glaze.

Have a blessed weekend!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WOYWW for the Artists & W T ? for the Gardeners

It's time for the midweek peek at work spaces over a  WOYWW .   My temporary work space..last night I worked on stamped and inked washers for pendants some plastic fragments for pendants and a door hanger for a little girls's nursery.  Perhaps I'll actually finish some of these today.  

(remember you can click on the photos to enlarge them)
What the ?
At the end of June?
Photo taken yesterday evening..
I'll take Amaryllis blooms anytime of the year though.....
I am now officially in the group of gardener's that have strange things happening in their gardens this season.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inspiration Avenue - Theme Challenge

Linking up with Inspiration Avenue where the theme this week is 'Holiday or Vacation'.  Use whatever medium you like and create a piece that depicts your dream holiday or vacation...

click to enlarge

I used a glossy 5 x 4 inch piece of paper, a map I printed of Tuscany. alcohol inks, stickers, photos out of magazines and jewelry embellishments.
Tuscany, Italy is just one of the many dream vacations I have....

Friday, June 15, 2012


Weekend Garden Parties are FF over at Tootsie's and GBBD over at Carol's..  Drop by and link up or look around at some awesome gardens with lots of garden inspiration.

We have had rain at some point everday for the last week or more.  Yesterday we had 1 and 7/10 here, across town over 4 inches fell in two hours...feast or famine...sigh ..I went out to the gardens to take photos this morning I spotted my trusty rusty angel, she had been spun around in her container, it just seemed as if she were saying, "What will be will be." ..I need to adopt that attitude.

Some of you may remember the large Oak Tree right by the corner of our home had to be cut down some months back.  My husband had the tree doctors leave me a container as the tree was hollow.  After months of my husband trying to get soil to compact in the trunk, I now have my stump container.  25 Peacock Orchids have sprouted, there are a few Alyssum seedlings in there too.  The stump container is about 4 feet tall.
Rain drenched Susans
A most delightful pink Zinnia
The Crapes are beginning to bloom
Justicia brandegeana -- Shrimp Plant, False Hop or Shrimp Bush
Ms. Doris Three Doors Down has over 80 Hydrangeas...she is always rooting them and passing them along.  This is one she gifted me last year, quite an interesting bloom.  Do you know it?  A few weeks back Ms. Doris broke her arm...I am a terrible neighbor as I have not checked on her other than through speaking with Mr. Doris....sigh
Ruellia brittoniana --Mexican Petunia (I also have the purple)  for more information and warning for the our state Florida, click here.

Kalanchoe daigremotiana -Kalanchoe daigremontiana syn. Bryophyllum daigremontianum also called Devil's Backbone,Alligator PlantMexican Hat Plant or Mother of Thousands is a succulent plant native toMadagascar. This plant is distinguished by its ability to propagate via vegetative propagation. All parts of the plant are poisonous, which can even be fatal if ingested by infants or small pets. Info found here
If  you stopped by just to view plants stop now.
Just completed a custom order for Alison - most of you know her as Bonney Lassie.

She sent the quote and the color scheme she was interested in.  This is a 12 x 12 ceramic floor tile made into a custom wall hanging.
The dimensional sealer is so shiny it really casts a glare...these can be used for tie tacks, lapel pins, hat pins....
Some  Christmas Pins....I am preparing for a Craft Fair in November.  To see these and more click my FB Business Page or Etsy up on the right.  Orders can be placed through email as well as Etsy.  These sites will be updated over the weekend.
*There is a place on my FB page for suggestions of a theme for a give-a-way tile in celebration of my Etsy Shop opening.  It will be a smaller size though.  Please stop by and add your suggestion to be entered.*
**FYI  I cannot post comments on Wordpress.  I have tried repeatedly for months.  I still read Wordpress blogs though**

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Linking up with Stamping Ground For What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Well, we moved from the kitchen table to the counter by the sink..
(items in various stages of drying waiting the next step)
And the bar on the island in the kitchen......youngest lending a helping hand.
View from the opposite side of the bar....
Click on the Stamping Ground link at the top and have a peek into the work spaces of others.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday on Monday.... :)

Finally!  The hole digging culprit!  I don't mind these culprits though.  I do however get concerned about the snakes eating the turtle eggs and then living in their holes....sigh
My husband saw him walking on the driveway yesterday afternoon, his shell is covered in soil.

My heart goes out to everyone located where the floods are taking place.  We have been receiving rain at some point everyday for the last couple of weeks, well actually since school has been out.  The girls still have  not been able to get in the swimming pool because of the unstable atmosphere...we get random lightning flashes/strikes when our weather is like this.
White Diamond Frost Euphorbia, Proven Winners -- containerized with a sign from DesignsbyDarlaG.
On top of the metal crate...two types of Sedum from Grace a year two ago.  A Semp (hen) in the ceramic tennis shoe.
Below the crate, ceramic frog with watering can, Marigolds and Celosia.
The rest of the Celosia from above in comparison to a small strawberry container.
Some of the Purple Coneflowers that have been here for about 8 years or so.
Just can't get enough of the Dolly Madison!
The Zinnias and the Susans are starting to bloom.

Here is a larger picture of the Turk's Cap...It's probably 2 ft tall and about 2 1/2 to 3 ft wide.  It will get much larger by the end of the summer.  This one is in full sun....easy peasy to root.

Linking up with Jean
Hope your weekend was a good one......see ya Wednesday for WOYWW..

Friday, June 8, 2012

Inspiration Avenue Art Challenge

As most of  my regular readers know I am always into or up to something new and different.  (Let's not forget though, gardening is still way up there on my favorite things to do, with my hip issues I just cannot get around like I need to, so while the doctors and surgeons are determining what exactly needs to be done, I'll keep trying different avenues of art)

I recently found Jenn over at Just Add Water Silly  through What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over at Stamping Ground where artists/crafters post what their work spaces look like on Wednesdays.  I just love peeking into these spaces.

ANYWAY, Jenn is also a member of Inspiration Avenue, more info here, where artists and crafters across the globe are encouraged to stretch their artistic minds by themed challenges.
It is a bit confusing at first, but so worth getting to know these wonderful, helpful and most talented artists.
You have a chance to win prizes or be featured in the Red Carpet Gallery..

This weeks challenge theme over at Inspiration Avenue is Wishes...
The Little Mermaid came to my mind immediately.  I used my latest art form of alcohol inks, paper, stickers and protective sealant on ceramic tile and came up with what I imagined I would wish for if I were a Mermaid.....I tried to create a "Midnight Wish"... 
There is also another person named Darla in these challenges so I will be using DarlaG when posting.

**I do have an appointment on July 16th for a consultation about a hip scope... sigh**

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weekend Garden Parties! (rain or shine)

It's time for the weekend garden parties... Cottage Garden and Fertilizer Friday drop by and see how gardens in  your own back yard - to - gardens in other parts of the world are growing...isn't blogging wonderful?!
Here in North Florida everything is wet, wet, wet.  I am not complaining at all...
photos were taken this morning.

Love, love the Dolly Madison Lilies!

Perennial Hibiscus with a visitor in the center...

Caladiums, dark Coleus and Begonia


This is part of the strip that was posted in my last post on the edge of our yard by the road.  Marigold, short Celosia (you know if you pinch the blooms out of the Celosia the plant will grow bushier), Toffee Twist, Nasturtiams, Sedum filled wheelbarrow.

Potato vine returned in the wheelbarrow from last summer..

Turk's Cap....wonderful plant...and yes the color is even hotter in person.

Finally the name of this plant is back on file,  Dicliptera superecta.  Google Hummingbird bush, no.  Hummingbird shrub, no.  Hummingbird plant, yes!  

Salvia coccinea is a native.  I adore this color, I also have the scarlet color growing in the middle of the strawberries....yes, they are on the ever growing list of garden chores to be relocated.

I want to give a shout out, Thank You! to all of you for supporting my new online craft business.  Requests can be made via FB or purchased via my Etsy shop.  Both links located on the top right of this page.  Imagine....people like my art!  Feel free to like my FB page... :)