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Sunday, August 31, 2008

So Far Today........(after church)

This is for Kris. This is the Cat Whiskers......

I saw about 15 Lizards outside and liked this one the best today.

Clematis bloom beginning to open.

A different looking Dragonfly. This was a fat Dragonfly.

This looked impressive to me.

Okay, not so good at the Hummingbird photos, I will keep trying though.

See her little feet?

Maybe a Crab Spider? click to enlarge very neat design.

Side view of a Wishbone, I love these flowers and they multiply by the hundreds every year.

The inside of a couple of Wishbones. See the white thing in the middle? If you pull it out it's shaped like a wishbone.

Another of my critters.

A few of my Mums.

Looking down at a Lily.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday With Nature

Haven't a clue what kind of fuzzy worm this is...sure is cute though, if you click to enlarge it reminds me of one of those shaggy dogs..

Silly Squirrel..
Okay, I HATE Skinks they look like snakes with legs. I was rinsing off the front porch today and this skink and the frogs below did not want to leave. I finally had to put water right on them and push them off the porch!

Look how pretty these Asters are, my husband bought them for me today.

This time of the year living in North Florida you tend to look at the sky ALOT, we thought it was going to be another summertime pattern of afternoon turned out to be a pretty nice sunset.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Critters Just Keep On Coming...I Love It!

Isn't this the bug they use to make red dye?
Funny looking little bug. Gotta click and enlarge this one.........

Oh yeah, don't know if any of ya'll are familiar with the dreaded Lovebugs. I guess it's time for them again. We get them twice a year and they are a pain.

Another Butterfly, this one is Fast!

I really like this Amaranthus, (Chinese Spinach)


Um, Cumquats, Kumquats, spelling? too tired to look it up.

Grapefruits are hanging in there.

I posted the other day that I was ill about my Angel Trumpet Tree, (still am) although I did find this today.

It might make it........

This one bloom is trying hard to hang on.

A good seed pod.......did Leedra say the seeds were poisonous?

Will be gathering these seeds to try and start more Angel Trumpet Trees.

A peek of the sunset.

Wednesday---Plenty of Bugs!

Yesterday was a good day for little critters. May have been because I finally got to mow the lawn after all of the rain. I guess the bugs were happy too! A little Dragon Fly on my Pepper Plant.

Not quite sure I'm convinced this is a Blanket Flower, haven't seen one this color, could be though.

A little Jasmine Bloom. Look at this happy guy!

This little fella was doing a number on this Gerbera Daisy.

Hanging out in the Crepe Myrtle Tree.

This is very exciting to Pineapple Sage is beginning to bloom, look close, there is a visitor in there. Look how cool this little moth is....

This is how our sky played out yesterday evening. (only a sprinkle of rain all day)