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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Yes, I Walk Around My Yard Every Morning.....

I couldn't believe my good fortune when I was taking my morning walk around the yard. I found this Morning Glory at the edge of our woods. Isn't it beautiful? Then I found a few more things I wanted to share. I'll probably be back later with more.

A pink Zinnia.

Fire Bush

See all of the flower buds on this Angel Trumpet Tree? just to the left on the bottom is a seed pod, can't wait to gather those.

Impatients have just about had it in this heat.

I actually went to see how much more the blooms on the Kalanchoe had opened and this is what I found.

A lonely Mushroom.

5 comments: said...

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Leedra said...

Not sure how it happened, but it appears you have a spam comment here.

My walks around my yard (and sometimes my next door neighbor's) is where the majority of my pics come from. You reminded me I have Angel Trumpet Tree, purple like yours, that I need to post.

Darla said...

What do I do about the spam? I love to walk around the yard, actually I do it alot during the day. I have a neighbor that has a beautiful garden and we swap plants all the time, I was thinking this morning I need to take my camera to her house.

Valerie said...

Darla, Just go into your comments and you will see a little trash can. Click and delete the spam comment. I love your pictures. You have made me want to take a walk. I might just do that at the lake this weekend.

Darla said...

Thank you Valerie. A walk around the lake sounds real nice. We ain't gonna be a walkin no where this weekend. Fay is about on top of us.