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Monday, August 11, 2008

Sunday after Church we went to the store to purchase items for banana pudding, to my surprise we ran into my dear friend who inspired me to blog. God is Good! My dad started the banana pudding craze last week when he asked me to make him one, I ended up making three of them. Oh well, it's easy and we all love it. My flowers are just about spent for the season. Now I'm concentrating on the art of propagation and looking forward to seeing if I can keep some of them alive through the winter. Not to mention trying to find flowers that bloom fall -winter. I do have this unique tree, sort of, it's called a sunflower tree and is supposed to bloom beginning in Oct., this is going to be interesting to watch. When I planted it, it was about a foot high just a few months ago now it's probably over 9 foot high!! Pretty impressive huh? I'm sure my next post will include a pic of it, so we can watch it bloom together. Oh and the headstands, don't ask.

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