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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Noon O'clock Update.....

Well it's still raining. We have had a few breaks so I run out in the yard to see if there is anything worth reporting, we have had over 7 inches of rain. Pumping water out from under the house from the crawl space...we live at the bottom of a hill.

Does this give you any idea how much rain we have received?

I could have went all day without seeing this. My Angel Trumpet Tree, it's not broke just bent. I tied it up, hope it helps.

Flood waters running in the ditch.

Getting kind of swampy !

Glad there wasn't anyone standing here.

Looking up our second driveway during a break in the rain. Lots of sticks and debris to pick up...all in the yard!

She's right by the tree..

Still trying to photograph these Hummingbirds, I'm determined to get one right.


JohnnyandJune said...

It looks very pretty.

Dorkys R. said...

I'm glad you're all safe and hope your daughter and her bf made it in ok.