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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flood Waters and Flowers

The girls and I were going to stop by Lake Ella today after school and take pictures of the is flooded. See the road closed that leads to the lake.. In the third picture you will notice the sign for the park rules and hours, it's posted before you get there. Guess what..........It is raining now. It didn't rain earlier and we had some sunshine that's how I got to walk around and take pictures.

This is making me feel really ill. Now it appears that my Angel Trumpet Tree may have recieved to much rain!

The little yellow Rose bud that I posted the other day, well this is what the inside looks like.

One of my roses.

Moth on the Porterweed.

Some type of moth on the Butterfly Bush.


fishing guy said...

Darla: I hope with the sunshine you flowers and area recovers. Best wishes, from drought conditions to getting a deluge. My how fickle is the weather.

Darla said...

You said a Large Mouth Bass full then.

mamajil said...

Gosh aren't you SICK of the rain????
I am! Oh and our power went out again today :(

Sorry about your looks sick of the rain too!!

Darla said...

I took one of the girls to the dr. yesterday and the power went out there. The doc said it was out the entire day on Monday and they had a rough time seeing patients. Sunshine would be nice!

Maria said...

Thank you for stoppin g by my blog! Oh you have so much rain - thats terrible! Hope the rain will be over soon and your garden will not be flooded.
Kind regards, Maria

Anonymous said...

Hope you get a break from the rain. We've just started getting some much needed rain...a few days of it would be welcome here.