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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Moss Rose makes a pretty hanging basket.
Remember the Sunflower Tree? Well, it appears to be coming back!! See the new growth mixed with the dead leaves?

Look real close, you may have to click to enlarge, new growth!!!!

Walking Iris, of course they bloom early to mid spring, I think the plant itself is pretty, last year the cold did not kill it! This actually walks around your yard if you let it.

Blue Daze


Double Knockout Roses.

A little blurry, rose with spider on the bottom.



Marveolus post!

Thankes for yor support!!

I hope you come back every Sanday and join TODAY'S FLOWERS!

It's very important for me.

Have a nice week.


The Tile Lady said...

Can't wait to see the blooms on the sunflower tree!

Darla said...

Thank you both, I will be back on Today's Flowers. I can't wait to see the Sunflower Tree bloom myself, it will be a first for me.

W. Latane Barton said...

I love your photographs. I hope you'll let me come again often and enjoy your flowers!

Darla said...

Please do visit often, I love the company!