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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

Can't believe it's May 1st already, the heat makes it feel more like July or August.  It's in the mid 90's right now at 7:55p.m.  It sure didn't help my migraine the last few days.  I haven't had migraines in forever...I don't want to start them up, Wendy, don't tell me the next time you have ya!

Time for Bloomin' Tuesday over at Jean's.

Containerized Alyssum with some Johnny Jump Ups (yellow) hanging in there.  Pink Dianthus is in the ground.
Grace the poppy seed you sent last year, they returned!  Well the seeds didn't return, the plant did...not reseeded, the plant returned...
Pink Glads..
A new very bold's the short kind.  Some of those bulbs my husband ordered.
Hot Lips Salvia...the hotter and drier the weather, the happier she is.
Agapanthus are struggling this year. 
Worked on more dominoes today once I got the migraine to dim some.  These are only a few of them.
Letting the resin dry, tomorrow the hardware will be added. 
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Friday, April 27, 2012

FF and FNF

Today I am linking up with two Friday Memes.  Friday Flower Flaunt at Tootsie's and Feathered Nest Friday over at Courtney's.  Everyone that visits here is familiar with Tootsie and all of her projects inside and out.  Although Courtney has a HUGE following, I'm not sure everyone here is familiar with her.  She hosts a meme on Fridays where you share how you are improving your "Nest" inside and out. Her blog is so charming with a romantic feel ...not to mention tons of inspiration.

Wheelbarrow with Spike Dracaena, Diascia and Zinnia
Pink Glads in bud.  Our first flush of glads were purple. 
First bud on the Brugmansia.
Astilbe bud.  My Astilbes are in their creep year.  Here's to leaping next year!
I was trying to capture the bright reddish/orange color on the blades of this Toffee Twist Carex.
It is really quite eye catching in person.
Sedum dripping off a wheelbarrow.
 Stachys byzantina Lamb's Ear is just about to bloom.  I have read that they have a newer version of the Lamb's Ear that does not bloom and is a slower grower, hmm.

Pendants, Key Chains, Magnets and Brooches made from domino tiles.  Earrings made from scrabble tiles.
(see older post)
The girls are having so much fun wearing the tile jewelry and the feedback from school is "cool"!
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P.S. I had another MRI on my hip yesterday it went fine.  Results next week, fingers crossed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


This is my first time joining WOYWW .  Not really my desk, a little table in the kitchen.  My crafting desks are downstairs in the apartment.  Until we determine what's wrong with my hip and knee I'll be doodling upstairs.  Remember:  You can click on the photo to enlarge it, double click and it will enlarge a little more.

I've been doodling with dominoes and scrabble tiles.  Here we have the front of some pendants. (key chains not pictured, sigh)
Here we have the back.
Front of the scrabble tile earrings....(not complete)
Here are what the backs look like.
Once I feel as though I have somewhat perfected these, I'll be sealing them with resin.  For now I am using the Krylon Sealer.  It's actually doing a good job.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

Snowball Viburnum. 

For Bloomin' Tuesday I am featuring the garden of our neighbor,  Ms. Doris Three Doors Down.
I missed the Iris, Amaryllis and Narcissus show in her gardens.  She has flowers coming and going.



Amaryllis from Ms. Doris' mom.  There is just something so special about flowers from our living and or deceased loved one's gardens to bring back fond memories.

Ms. Doris, this is a Daylily right?  The foliage doesn't look like an the shimmer in the buttery color...what girl doesn't enjoy a little shimmer now and again?

Coleus, Impatiens and Ornamental Potato Vine containerized in an Iris bed.  I covet this container, even empty.

A hanging container of purple and orange Calibrachoa "Million Bells", nice combination.

Love this dark leaf Canna.  She shared some with me last year.  Looking forward to it's blooms this year.

Her roses reminded me of a strawberry swirl color.  Don't recall if she said these were Knockouts or not.

I am always a lot little envious when her Jonathon Waterer Spirea blooms, sigh.

I have seen a lot of Dianthus, none quite this color.  It is so bright and cheerful.

Crinum Lilies..mine are no where near having buds on them.
I hope you enjoyed some of Ms. Doris' flowers.  I need to go back and take photos of just her garden art, that's a post all it's own.  Also, she has over 80 something Hydrangeas now.  I can't wait for them to start blooming, that too, will be a post all it's own or maybe a two parter!  She has my collection up to 8 or 9!  She is the "Hydrangea Rooting Queen"!

Hubby's Harvest.....

And they were delish!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fertilize/Flaunt Friday

I have been busy, busy, busy in the gardens this week.  Trying to do what I can - when I can - when the hip and knee are in the mood.  Moving plants, planting plants, planting bulbs, sowing seeds and pulling weeds.   I also went to visit Ms. Doris Three Doors Down.  I will be featuring some of her flowers and garden art on Tuesday.
After the nice, almost an inch of rain on Wednesday the sun was beaming today.  It's 81 degrees at 8:00 p.m. (that's 27.2 c)
Climbing rose.  It has barely any leaves, why?  I know zero about roses.
We have slowly but surely been replacing the brick edging with these blue bottles.  (I guess I shouldn't ask my husband to drink his beer faster)  This area of Larkspur is all self seeded. I have white Caladiums, Calla Lilies, Astilbe, Coleus and Heuchera in the container in this corner. Oh, I see a Begonia too.  This bed goes up the left and right to form a large triangle.  On the other side of the bed is the street.  The small trunk in the middle is a three year old pink Dogwood that has never bloomed, sigh.  
I don't know why the two photos above will not let me type between them.  Anyway, I remember posting about this Clematis last year when it started doing this color change.  Do you see the bloom in the bottom left?  That is the original color of the Clematis when it was planted 4 or so years ago. The first flush of flowers is always the original color then it starts pushing out this beautiful solid deep pink?  Any ideas?
Gerbera Daisies....above Margarita...below Red.....
This is the tiniest Nasturtium plant I have ever seen.  It reseeded from last year.  I have never had that happen before.  Maybe because in the past I have yanked pulled out expired plants.  Last year I left most plants to die back on their own.  That combined with the mild winter I have several returning plants and very early blooms like the rest of you.
The old BBQ Grill.  Petunias, Asparagus Fern, Dianthus a forgotten name grass in the middle.  On both ends, old work boots with Sedums and Verbena.
This area faces the the other street by our mailbox.  I have been expanding it this week.  I have about twenty something dwarf Celosia, and twenty something short yellow Marigolds and 27 Ranunculus bulbs in the ground.  I have various containers and the Sedum filled wheelbarrow to the right. Fingers crossed about the 120 Ranunculus bulbs I have planted around.  I tend to believe they are more of a fall planting bulb here...we shall see.  I'll share more of this area as it fills in.  It looks quite sad right now.  I pinched the tops out of all the Celosia so the plants will get bushier.  I'll do that a couple of more times.  There is a self seeded yellow Viola under the metal crate.
Firecracker Plant Russelia equisetiformis 
Firecracker (bulbs) Flowers Dichelostemma Pink Diamond
I wonder which plant will win this area or if they will continue to place nice together.  Dichondra Silver Falls was originally in the large container.  It spilled out, rooted on the ground and died out of the container.  I planted the Creeping Phlox to help with rain water washing this area out. The Sedum, well, we all know how Angelina likes to spread around.  I have a piece of Mezoo in the container with the Crown of Thorns.  I love Mezoo and if I want it to stay alive I better move it and soon.
My goodness I had a lot to say this evening.  I guess that long soak in the hot bath with muscle relaxing mineral salts helped me be able to sit a little longer.  Linking up with Ms. Tootsie for her weekly Friday party!