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Friday, April 6, 2012

Fertilizer/Flaunt Friday-- Good Friday

Happy Good Friday!!
Linking up with Tootsie for FF Friday.

I have a rather large area of the red Breadseed Poppies
mixed with Larkspur.
I'll be collecting a lot of seeds this year.
Forget Me Nots.
  I let them reseed here and there.
Isn't this such a delicate shade of pink on this Centaurea cyanus - Cornflower?
I planted about 10 of these Lily bulbs and this is the only one that came up. 
It looks like it has been splashed with paint to me.
Our weather has been so out of control lately...(weather and control in the same sentence?)  
Record breaking highs and severe summer like thunderstorms have kept the weather guessers busy.
Today we are enjoying more seasonal Spring weather and hope to enjoy it all weekend.



tina said...

I have never had luck with Forget me nots:( I don't know what my problem is. The poppies are awesome!!

Patsy said...

Love the poppies and larkspur together.
It is a lovely day here. Have a Happy Easter!

Nell Jean said...

Poppies and Larkspur together is a fav combo. They look great.

When did you plant the lilies? Lilies have strange lives, underground. It isn't too late for them to come poking up a little shoot. It IS early for lilies to be blooming. Is the blooming one, 'Lollipop'?

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

Great poppy photo! Lookig good. Have a blessed Easter.

Beth said...

Hi Darla, Your poppies and larkspur are gorgeous! The poppies I planted inside from you are beginning to come up. I look forward to having them in my garden. I like your Asiatic lily too! Happy Easter.

Lona said...

Hi Darla. I love the red Poppies and blue Larkspur together in that bed. So petty.I cannot believe your Bluebonnets came back. I only had one and it was 6 inches tall. LOL! Poor miserable looking thing. I bet it will not come back. You and your family have a Blessed Easter weekend.

Carol said...

Hi Darla, thanks for stopping by. You have a sweet blog and looks like a pretty garden, too. You visit many of the same blogs I do. Happy Easter, Carol

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Darla, We have that lily in our yard (none of ours are blooming yet)... Her name is Lollypop!!!!! Isn't she pretty???

Yes--the weather has been weird... We missed all of the rains this week --except for last night.. Finally got some last night. And today is unusually COLD up here. Thank Goodness though that we aren't low enough for a freeze...

Happy Easter.

xinex said...

Your flowers are beautiful...Christine

Anonymous said...
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Kopp Steckdosen said...

Your post is really worth appreciating and i would like to thank your sharing it with us.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Beautiful shots of such color. I am a poppy nut, just love them, they are so graceful, and light, they float above the garden.

Seems the more the weather is changeable in the warmer climates, the colder and longer our spring. Odd isn't it?

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

imac said...

Great Darla my friend, love the poppies.

Val said...

It was actually chili here this morning. But it got warmer as the day went on. You never know what to wear either!!! Just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter! Hope you are feeling better. Love your pics as always.

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Love the combo of larkspur and poppies!! Super colors. My bread seed poppies have only yielded one tiny plant (that I have seen so far). I might some in the septic field. My gardens need to have some better soil....slowly but surely!

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Things are looking great your way! I am not sure what kind of poppies I have. They are orange. I had dug them out after a couple years, because they did not bloom, but they did not stay dug out, and now, are doing well. I like the color of yours better.

I love larkspur and bachelor buttons, too. They reseed well here, but will not be blooming for awhile.

I had trouble getting forget me nots going, but now, have to limit how many I let grow.

That lily does look like it was splashed with paint. It's a beauty!


Beautiful photos Darla Dear. I love your Lily. I wonder why the others didn't emerge. Maybe next year? Love the Larkspur and poppies too. I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Becky said...

Love that lily!
I am gonna try those forget-me-nots again this year. I'm gonna try the loofah again, too.

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