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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Short Stroll

I took a short stroll around some of my gardens.  We live at the bottom of a hill, seriously.  I don't know that we have one level square foot anywhere on these two acres. Hence the short stroll, uneven ground and crutches, not a good mix.

You may see the gorgeous healthy mass of sedum..
I see all the grass and weeds that don't normally live there.
A neighboring container of Jewel Leaf Sedum.
apparently they can handle some neglect from the gardener
Mexican Petunia with uncontrolled Ornamental Potato Vine
Self seeded, not supposed to be there Celosia
More of the same but different....uncontrolled  Ornamental Potato Vine.
Rooted Diamond Frost Euphorbia, weeds and  uncontrolled Ornamental Potato Vine.
Uncontrolled Ornamental  Potato Vine, grass/weeds overgrowing my bottle border...
After my short stroll, I looked a lot like this defeated Sunflower.  I dropped my head and headed back in the house.
I'll continue working towards the craft fairs silently planning my counter attack on the garden while I continue to heal.  Which by the way, my dear garden, is coming along very nicely!


daisy said...

Love seeing how your garden is enjoying fall! Wish I could help you come and weed, but I've got plenty of my own to do! ;0)

Continued healing, Darla.

Skeeter said...

Dont worry about those weeds! Rather stay off hills with crutches girl.... I have let some weeds go rampant as well but soon the cold will take care of them....

Beth said...

I like the sweet potato vine. Mine froze last wknd. When I pulled it out, there was a very large sweet potato attached! Glad you are feeling better. Take care, Beth

imac said...

You have more than one Darla, plus your beautiful works of Art.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Your garden is so pretty and green! What makes us decide which is a weed vs. a flower anyway? I've seen some mighty good looking weeds in my time! I'm getting the impression that the ornamental potato vine is quite hearty and pervasive. I love the bottle border! I'm glad you said what it was because I don't think I would have figured it out.

Dorothy said...

I like the uncontrolled garden!! I hope you are very careful and don't do too much too soon!
Wishing you well!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Cute picture frames. I know what you mean about celosia, mine used to appear EVERYWHERE for YEARS. Great color, but oh does it ever reseed.
Does your Diamond Frost winter over? I thought it was more of an annual. (hope it winters over, loving it!)

~Gardener on Sherlock Street said...

You may find a surprise in the garden that happened on its own that you'll like. Don't wear yourself out too much. Take care.

sharon said...

I love the bottle eadging!!!


I'm glad you were able to get outside a little today and without any mishaps. Your gardens look really nice all things considered. I hope you're healing nicely.

Betsy Adams said...

Love seeing your garden, Darla... I'm sure you get frustrated not being able to get out there and get dirt under your fingernails.... Just be patient!!!!! It will happen....

Glad you have lots of great craft items to work on...

Prayers and Hugs,

Randy said...

Glad to see you up and about! The garden will wait. By next spring it will all be just like you like it again. ;0)

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Kristin said...

Oh, I love those glittery clips! And I hope you feel better!! xo

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NellJean said...

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