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Friday, May 15, 2009

GBBD 15th of the Month and Fertilize Friday!

Thank you Carol at for hosting GBBD and Tootsie over at has started a new meme, Fertilize Friday.

First and more important..the little girl in the middle had a Birthday yesterday!

These photos were rushed......went to the Doctor this morning.....have inflammation in my chest wall and a pulled pectoral sweeping, mopping, vaccuming, raking, mowing.....for many weeks........nothing with a twisting motion so as not to do permanent damage. He said I could pull weeds though.......figures!

Torenia with Begonia


Mophead Hydrangea
Impatiens, Hosta, Giant Liriope, Hydrangea
Lacecap Hydrangea
Impatiens, Hosta, Caladiums, Lantana

Blue Bedder Salvia (too much sunlight on this photo)
Royal Wave Blue Petunia

Petunias are just about ready for a haircut so I can get a second showing.

One of my favorites.........Calla
Diamond Frost Euphorbia Proven Winners with Marigold and Mondo grass.

Geranium with White Salvia

Raspberry Blast Proven Winners Pertunia with Peter's Gold Carpet also Proven Winners.

Blackeyed Susan Vine

New this year Dr. Rupple Bicolor Clematis

Cleome are pink and white?


Homestead Verbena

Geranium with white Alyssum
First Canna of the season.Milkweed

Morning Glory Grandpa Ott'sZinnias
It would take a month of Sunday's to show everything that's blooming around here! Love this time of the year. My son's lineup was a photo lineup and he could not make an ID. He wants to be as close to 100% as he can be.
Now that I know what's wrong with my chest I will be mailing out the items know who you are....


Island Style said...

Oh no..this isn't skywatch but I found myself in your lovely garden. Maybe you'll have to walk me home (heh heh) Wow..ok, we have a few too, even like the yellow sunflower that's an anual and like the Dahlia (I attempted once to grow)- nice job! Love the Clematis and that Calla Lily- what a striking color! How wonderful your garden!! Aloha to you-

"Blossom" said...

A tour and nice walk thru your garden is just wonderful. I love all the flowers and pots. The calla lilly and clematis is my favorite. This garden is lovely.

Tootsie said...

this is so great! Happy birthday to the beautiful young lady!!! Your flowers are gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for playing with me for my new meme!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is always full of beautiful blooms no matter the month! You are a bit ahead of us, no Calla Lily blooms yet, they have just emerged. :) Your Pink one is very pretty.

Prospero said...

Please take care of yourself (the yard work can wait). Your Torenia is so vivacious and your first canna is a winner. Happy belated birthday, little girl in the middle.

jo said...

Such a lot!
What is Torenia? What kind of flower? Beautiful and such a lovely mix of blues. Leaves look like Buzy Lizzie (Impatience).
So many plants, like mid-summer.

Gail said...

Darla...I am glad you are ok! But a bummer on the weeding! You have lovely blooms and if I start listing all I like I will be here awhile...but I will say that I love the happy family photo best! gail

artis1111 said...

Your flowers are wonderful!. We ladies at the beauty shop get flowers or cuttings to start from all the time.The old fashioned peioneys are beautiful and smell so good. I think you would like them too.Some are a soft white with just a touch of pink, and others are viberant pink. Kathy

tina said...

Happy Birthday to the middle girl! I do hope you are feeling better and pulling those weeds (though I don't see any!) I love that torenia and 'Homestead' in the basket. Awesome Blooms!

bennie and patsy said...

Sorry you are in pain, I think weed pulling would be bad for you. What does the doctor know?
Unless he is a gardener also.
Happy Birthday young lady.

Anonymous said...

Hi Darla~~ Love all your blooms. Especially the hanging basket in the tree.

I hope you're feeling better soon. And best wishes to your son.

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

It looks like our August there! Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope you heal soon. Too bad they didn't tell you just no housework, but garden all you want.

Mary at My New 30 said...

Popping over from Tootsie's!

Wow, you have some gorgeous flowers and a very wide variety too! I am so jealous!!!! Some of those I have tried - the heat pulverized them. I just started gardening in 2006 and I cannot believe the money I've lost gardening. Lots of trial and error.

Deb said...

pretty flowers...hope you will be okay soon...

Ginger said...

you have an amazing garden!! Love the verbena growing in a hanging basket - I've never seen that!

Sue said...

You have a lot of my favorites there! I love those dahlias! I didn't get mine found that I'd bought the roots of, whatever they are called.

Thanks for the update on your son.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Darla, take care of yourself. You are too young to have physical problems!!! Who will keep that yard so gorgeous????? At least you can pull weeds. We have some here for you if you want to come to Tennessee!!! ha

Your flowers are just fabulous. I love that Calla... Simply gorgeous.

Take care and have a great weekend.
Happy Birthday to one of your sweeties.

Valerie said...

Oh I just hate this for you. I have never heard of that. How did you know you had it? If I was close I would come and help you. I really would. I hope you feel better soon.

Frances said...

Hi Darla, first let me offer sympathy for your pulled muscle. I have done the exact same thing with a wheelbarrow full of rocks being pushed up the hill. Sometimes we overdo it! Do take it easy and think how weedfree your gardens will be. Happy birthday to a darling child! And too bad the ID did not happen, maybe sometime down the road. Now to the flowers, my heart belongs to the Dahlias, yours are just lovely. The Calla is a beauty too, well they all are. :-)

Jessica said...

Oh, I'm sooo glad you came by! Your garden is always an inspiration to me, it's incredible. I planted two canna's this year and some black eyed susan seeds. I so hope they grow. I hope you feel better soon! ( You still get to pull weeds....uggghhh? ) :)

Have a great weekend~ J.

Catherine Holman said...

That pulled muscle sound painful. Happy birthday to the little one!

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Ah, birthdays are such joy when we are young :-) Darla you always have the most beautiful blooms happening in your garden beds. I love the hydrangeas!

Lois said...

Hope you get better soon Darla!

Titania said...

Your spring garden is magnificant with all your flowers in full regalia. Everything looks so well looked after; I hope you get better soon and take it easy. I have send you an e-mail.

Dani said...

Hope you heal up quickly!:)
Beautiful girls you have there too!

lola said...

Hi Darla.
Sorry for your inconvenience. It's a bummer. Hope you get better soon. I had that infection in chest wall & let me tell you, it's no picnic.
I love all your flowers. You have so much blooming.

Linda said...

Lovely birthday photo!
So sorry about your diagnosis. But it looks as if the garden is well in hand and you can afford just to enjoy it for a while. This profusion of blooms is amazing. I'll post a GBBD entry later and you'll see how little there is with us (or perhaps it's just me!). Take care of yourself.

catmint said...

Hi Darla, you poor thing, hope you are better soon. Take care of yourself. At least you can blog. Happy birthday to the not-so little girl in the middle. Spring has definitely sprung down your way, what a lot of flowers are blooming. It's our autumn of course, also a lovely season. Cheers, catmint.

Susie said...

Darla take it easy girl. I bet you've been working extra hard in the garden. It definitely shows, so pretty.

Have a nice, restful day.

marmee said...


you need to be careful...get all those "helpers" around there doing some of the things you need done. be sure and take the time to rest and get 100% don't want any permanent damage.
you do have so many wonderful blooming things right take the time to sit down (on those new mother's day chairs) and read a good book you have been wanting to try to get through...with a big glass of tea/lemonade.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Love that Lacecap Hydrangea, it's so blue. And the Calla Lily, and the Dahlias, and the Clematis....

Shellmo said...

I hope you are taking it easy!!!!
Also, I think you should submit your flower photos to Birds & Blooms magazine. They are so beautiful!

Leedra said...

When you first started posting the Cleome pics I commented that we called them spider something. This months Birds & Blooms mag has a pic and has Spider Cleome as the id. Guess they didn't know which name to use. Ha! :)

I had wondered about your son. Sorry this didn't work out.

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Carla said...

So pretty! I'm glad you can take a breather and enjoy your beauty.