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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bloomin' Tuesday

I hope all the Moms in blogland had a wonderful Mother's Day, I know I did!

Drop on by Jean's and join Tuesday Garden Party.

All of the Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom, below Lacecap.
Hibiscus with a lot of buds waiting there turn.
I so love seeing the Callas every year.  This bloom is almost perfect.
Side view.
Althea aka Rose of Sharon single is loaded and then some.  
A few more pieces that I have been working on.
Alcohol inked tile.
My first two metal stamped jewelry pieces...This is fun!
I do have a FB business page now, if you would like to look around or heck, even like me, click the wheelbarrow photo on my right sidebar.
If the Lord's willing I'll be posting and snooping at work spaces tomorrow!


daisy said...

It all looks fabulous! Your plants look so healthy. What's your secret?

noel said...


love the tour and your craftwork, i'm intrigued by the inked tilework, how does that ink adhere to your tiles?

Zoey said...

Love the metal jewelry pieces and the white calla. I was just wondering yesterday what happened to the few white callas I had. I don't remember them blooming last year...maybe this year. I am still weeks away from calla blooms! In fact I have not even brought them out yet. Hoping to get it done this week.

Your garden is lovely as always.

Dorothy said...

Gorgeous pictures of your flowers!!! I wish I would get busy and 'make' something. I need to make some stepping stones. Any ideas?

imac said...

Beautiful, love the lily.

Kay said...

I love the calla lilies

Jean said...

Amazing shots of the calla! Lovin' all your craftin'! Jean

Val said...

Love your new facebook page!!! You do great work!!! Hope you are doing better. I g

Beth said...

Hi Darla, Your calla lily and your lacecap are beautiful! Love your jewelry and tile too. You are so creative!

Janet, The Queen of Seaford said...

Your tiles are so pretty! Love the Calla lilies. Mine are not close to blooming yet....crossing my fingers.

Marydon said...

Wow! The flwoers are gorgeous & your creations are fabulous. Have to see if I can find you on FB.

Have a great day, my friend.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Darla, You are doing so well with your business. It has come a long ways, Baby!!!!!! I'm so proud of you... Good Luck!!!!

Love your Callas and Hibiscus blooms --and of course, I love Hydrangeas...


Rosemary said...

Your garden is looking very happy and healthy.... Jean's on my friends list no need of the button

The Not So Perfect Housewife said...

Hey there~
I haven't stopped by in awhile. Wow.. what beautiful flowers.. Love the Callas..
and your stamping and artwork.. even more beautiful!!
Love it all!


You know what's interesting? Hydrangeas, Rose of Sharon and Hibiscus are all summer bloomers in my garden but the Callas are almost ready to open. I find it interesting that our callas are in sync but the other plants aren't. It's fascinating how each plant has its own little internal clock. :)

Becky said...

There it is again! Love that rose of sharon!
And I am loving that jewelry, too!!