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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bloomin' Tuesday...

After 3 t0 4 more inches of rain yesterday and last night, (we were actually under a tornado warning for several hours) some of my flowers are a little beat down. I am trying not to repeat goes.
Ragin' Cajun Ruella
White Salvia

Surprise color of the Gerbera Daisy

Salvia 'Hot Lips' S. x microphylla
Tall bushy clumping salvia to 24" tall. Mix of red or white flowers, mix changes with heat.
Zones 7 - 9

Alyssum Royal Carpet

Finally I think I know which Clematis this is thanks to ! Fireworks Clematis
Gaura Gaura lindheimeri or Whirling Butterflies,


Purity Candytuft Iberis sempervirens 'Purity' mine bloom late Fall through late Spring--nice evergreen ground cover.

Electric Lights Fuchsia--shade and more shade here. Morning sun in cooler climates. I do hope I can keep this one alive!

Begonia from Ms. Doris
Honeysuckle my husband is training on a tree........

Virgina Sweetspire Itea virginica - from Ms. Doris
Zones 6 - 9
Full Sun - Part Shade
5 to 10 feet tall
5 to 6 feet wide
Mature shape upright and arching, great for butterflies
Bloom color from white to pinks
New Guinea Impatiens
4 to 8 hours of sun daily --not here! Shade baby.

I have seen several of you post about Spiderwort Lily--I kept thinking that looks like that weed that grows everywhere here, well lo and behold it is.
Spiderwort Lily Tradescantia virginiana
North American Native
The genus of spiderworts is name for John Tradescant, who was a gardener for King Charles I of England.
May be a noxious weed or invasive
We let them grow wherever they want on the slope of this hill, helps control the washing out when we have several inches of rain at a time.
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Anonymous said...

What pretty blooms! I know you especially treasure the plants Ms. Doris shared with you. I have always loved guara - it's so nice to see it dance in the summer breeze! Have a nice day.

Bren said...

I TWITTERED about your fabulous flowers this morning on this Bloom Tuesday. I am super jealous - you are in my MAY season of blooms.
Enjoy the rain - it is nice to take a break from the watering isn't it?!

tina said...

So much blooming! Very pretty!

Lois said...

Very pretty Darla! That was some storm yesterday afternoon wasn't it? I got really nervous when the tornado warning was announced on our weather radio at work!

Dorothy said...

Good Morning, Darla! Great pictures of your flowers! Good luck with the Fuchsia! My kids gave me one last Mother's Day and I have had a time trying to keep it alive! It's down to just one little sprout now. But you have that famous Green Thumb and I know yours will do well!

Susan said...

Your flowers look like they enjoyed your most recent rainfall. By the way, is that a Louisiana iris at the top of your blog? It's very pretty.

Darla said...

Susan: I believe it's a Dutch Iris.....could be wrong. I'll see what I can find out.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Darla, I noticed you have lots of salvia. Do you get hummingbirds and if so, which salvia do they like best?

Grammy said...

Hi Darla,I love all your wonderful blooms.
Have a great week.

Carla said...

What pretties, don't you love the begonia blooms? Crazy huh?

I am a spiderwort (cool info) and sweet spire fan too:)

Your plants are looking so healthy and happy! Yeah Spring!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Give me some Hot Lips and some Electric Lights anyday ---and we can have a party!!!!!! ha... Great pictures, Darla. That clematis is gorgeous (Fireworks, huh?) Beautiful...

We have rain all night--but the sun is out this morning. Yeah!

Dirt Princess said...

Good to know what the clematis is called, I have the same one. Your garden is coming along nicely. Every thing is blooming!

Darla said...

Marnie: Actually so far this year I have only seen the hummers on the 'Hotlips' probably because it's red, last year the favorite of butterflies and hummers was the Pineapple Sage......

Elena said...

Wow, so many beautiful flowers! Love the fushia:)

Anonymous said...

Great banner photo! Your white salvia is so elegant looking. Beautiful, beautiful flowers.

Deb said...

love the rain drops on the flowers

cindee said...

Wow you have a lot of pretty flowers blooming!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

gardenerprogress/Catherine said...

Everything looks great even after the rain!!
I got the candle yesterday! I love it and it smells good. My girls loved the bubble rings and have been playing with them. I have a picture of the candle in my post today. Thank you so much!!!

Suzanne said...

You have so many beautiful blossoms -- it seems the rain has only made them more pretty!

Handpainted Roses said...

Wow,wonderful blooms. love the Fuchsia.Julie

Jean said...

I just can't believe how much you have blooming every week! Everything looks just amazing! You are making me very envious! Jean

SweetAnnee said...

Darla dear
showing off are we???
I have barely a bloom here, teehee

Hope it gets warm here soon.. every thing will just be so lovely.


Jake said...

You confirmed the Spiderwort I have! It is beautiful I think, but I have mine in full sun and the blooms close up to soon.

You always have so many blooms! How do you like that Red Ruellia? It looks nice, I want one, I was just wonder how it compared to the Purple kind.


Shellmo said...

The gerbera is my favorite today! Do you give guided flower tours in your backyard? :-) If not, you should! I am amazed at every beautiful bloom you have!

Paula said...

Love all your flowers! So many of them won't bloom here until June, others are annuals we replace each year. Isnt' it great to see all thevariety all over the beautiful earth!
Thanks so much for sharing...Paula from Idaho

Aiyana said...

I saw some of the Electric Lights Fuchsia on a trip to Santa Cruz, California one year and loved it. I researched and found there was no way I could grow it here in Phoenix. I think it's beautiful!

Susie said...

I just planted some spiderwort yesterday in my wet garden. I think it will do nicely there.

Leedra said...

If honeysuckle is there like it is here you will be sorry you ever let it get started anywhere in your yard. It is very aggressive here and will send those roots all through flower beds if allowed to live at all. Hopefully it is not like that in Fla.

To answer your question...I have been spending more time looking down in the last week than up. Been photographing wildflowers any and everywhere I can find them. Small window of a couple of weeks to capture them at their peaks.

Leedra’s Photos For FunLeedra’s Greeting CardsPhotography By Leedra

Wanita said...

Such pretty flowers! I love the clematis. I planted one last year, and I can hardly wait to see how it does. Hopefully it will be as lovely as yours.

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Beautiful blooms. I am looking forward to my gardens blooming soon. Until then, thanks so much for sharing yours.


Dani said...

As always, your flowers are beautiful. What a green thumb you have!

Sue said...

I love all your flower pics. and it was that cleome that I couldn't remember in a different comment.