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Monday, October 20, 2008

Fan Flower

Fan Flower - Aviente La Flor

Mature Plant Height - 8"
Light - Full Sun
Spacing - 10 - 12 "
Bloom Time - Late Spring to Fall
Water Usage - Semi-Moist
Average Size - 8" x 12"
Cold Hardiness - 35 F (2 c)
Pruning - To Control Growth
Fertilization - Every 6 to 8 weeks

--Fanciful, fan-shaped blooms
--Trailing Habit
--Tolerates extreme heat
--Superb in hanging baskets


bennie and patsy said...

Good moring Darla glad to see you back. The game was fun. Sherry's daughter is a real pro but those things cost and don't think I will buy one. Hip dude Frank knew all about them . I know he would like to have one.

Darla said...

I just bet Hip Dude does know all about them, that's why he is so Hip!

fishing guy said...

Darla: That is a beautiful flower and nicely captured.
I encourage you to join into our new My World meme. People are showing interesting parts of their world.

Susie said...

Darla-That's a great plant! I like to see it mixed with Margarita sweet potato vine or duranta.

Shellmo said...

I can see why they call it a fan flower - you posted some nice photos!

Leedra said...

Don't think I have ever seen one of these before.

Anonymous said...

I've grown it in containers and it it looks great!

The Tile Lady said...

This is a lovely flower...I was not familiar with it. I tend to be attracted to the blues, because they are harder to come by than the reds, yellows, oranges and pinks!