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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sometimes There Is A Tough One!

ALGEBRA! SCIENCE! (hurry up they need you for a math problem)
ALGEBRA! (trying to figure it out while she's in the shower)
It finally took all three of them to figure out our 7th graders ALGEBRA problem! (notice I am behind the camera, don't care for math, glad Dad is good at it)


Dorothy said...

WOW! They're teaching Algeba in the 7th grade?? When I was in school, about a million years ago, it was taught only in the higher grades of High School.

Jen said...

No good at the math stuff here..thank goodnes for dad is right when my son was in school too!

Leedra said...

Sometimes the best place to be is behind the camera. I must have thought is was the best place ALL the time.