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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old Sewing Machine & Costumes

When this sewing machine is still in your sewing machine cabinet, you have to sew with a needle and thread. How old do you think this is? I have another sewing machine in the basement just haven't switched them out..(heck, wonder how old it is) You guessed it, haven't done much sewing in a long time. I ripped some old sheets up.
Got some tea bags to boil.
Soaked the strips of sheets in the tea.
Rinsed and dried the strips, they really are darker than they appear in the photo. This will become a Mummy for Halloween.

Found another sheet, made a pattern, cut out this dress, sewed the shoulders, under the arms and down the dress on the sides to the waist. Yes with a needle and thread.

Scratched around some more and found this gold ric rac, found some fabric glue and glued some around the neck and the sleeves. This is the beginning of the Angel Costume. Still have the wings, halo and belt to make.
Doesn't look like much right now. Our homemade costumes always turn out so cute. Will post more later.


Susie said...

Probably the best halloween costume I ever had was when my sister and mom dressed me up like a gypsy. The clothes I wore were just some things we had laying around. Had tons of eye shadow and makeup. Too bad I don't have a picture.

Valerie said...

I can't wait to see it finished. The sewing machine you showed, is not as old as my granny's and she still makes a big quilt or 2 in a week. She is 95 tomorrow. I don't know how she does it.

bennie and patsy said...

Looks like you are working at a fun project.

Leedra said...

The costume will definitely have the most love enclosed of any around.

Lots faster to pull out the machine. Know what you mean. Although all I have to do is pull mine out of the closet, power plug is even right in the closet with it. (You can have those things when you build your own house) I still don't use it very often. Actually been in the house 2 years on Monday and have not used it yet. Reminded me of a project I should get started on.....

W. Latane Barton said...

My goodness, but you are a busy beaver. Be sure to post the finished products.

Shellmo said...

You are so creative! Love these ideas!!

Dorothy said...

Great Post! This reminds me of stuff I used to do. Have a great weekend!

D said...

LOVE it! Very crafty. Be sure to share how the mummy turned out...or wrapped up.:)
And I love the old sewing machine too.