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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday...

Can you say SAD? Pull up old plants, plant new plants, see all the grass that still needs to come up. Plant spring bulbs...Just wait to see how this transforms when all of the self seeders come back along with the new stuff. (Can you believe we are in for a hard freeze the next to nights? dragging out the plant covers)
Yep, that's stuff from the girls playhouse for the trashman out by the road, (sorry) I am going to make the playhouse into a Garden Shed!!! It's the little white building in some older posts. I'll be posting cleaning it up.
Surinam Cherry--Fleshy, edible red fruit rich in Vitamin C, attracts colorful birds, makes a superb hedge plant. (not a good photo this really is a pretty plant)
Morning Sunlight only
Bloom Time - Late Spring to Summer
Growth Rate - Medium
Size 7' x 6'
30 to 20 degrees
Prune to control growth
Gold Edge Skyflower--Valued for bright golden foliage, some foliage turns purple in fall, blue flowers precede yellow fruit. (Has thorns found out by accident, ouch!) Full Sun
Bloom Time- Summer
Growth Rate- Slow
Size 5 -6' x 5 -6'
30 - 20 degrees
Little pruning required
Petite Red Ixora--
Full Sun
Blooms most of the year
Growth Rate-Medium
Size 2-3'x3'
40-30 Degrees, guess I'll be covering these the next two nights.
Prune to control growth
This Aloe has grown like crazy!A dependable African Violet.I keep posting the same flowers so I thought I would do Bloomin' Tuesday a little different this time. If you would like to join this meme, and WE would love for you too, or just to view what may or maynot be blooming with winter on our heels click on the Bloomin' Tuesday Banner to the right of my page!


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Beautiful pictures, Darla. I love African Violets. I used to have the perfect window for them to thrive (in another home)... I don't have a good place now--so I'll just have to look at yours and drool... Hope you don't get a freeze down there. We are 25 this morning. Brrrr!!!

Leedra said...

You have me so beat with flowers. Your poor man NEVER gets to rest. My flowers was well mixed in with why I did not want to move. Don't have to now. YES!!!!

bennie and patsy said...

I hope you don't have a freeze. Your garden house will nice to have, every garden needs one, and a chook or two.LOL

Grammy said...

Love your pictures. I sent you an email. Thanks for stopping by.

playsdolls said...

Your plants look so nice,it will be great to have a flower shed wish I had one.Your African Viloet is beautiful mine is blooming but not that many blooms on mine.

Anne Fannie said...

HI Darla, what pretty pictures you posted of your garden. A cold freeze is expected? I didn't know you guys got that cold back there? Our freak freeze usually comes in January or February. I like your Aloe plant and your African Violets. I have not been very sucessful with African Violets.
Happy Bloomin' Tuesday

Anonymous said...

Beautiful long views of your garden beds Darla. That little playhouse is going to make a charming garden shed for you! :)

Eki Akhwan said...

That's a lot of varieties of flowers and plants, Darla. I love plants, but probably don't have that many varieties in my garden.

Freeze in Florida? That's something new to me. Which part of Florida is Floweville?

BTW, thank you for commenting on my blog yesterday.


Jean said...

Love the "bigger" picture of your gardens! Love that you garden around full grow trees. Everything looks so neat. Can't wait to see your garden shed! Jean

Susie said...

Darla, That Aloe is such a healthy looking plant. It's such a great plant to have around.

Darla said...

Yes we are expecting to break records tonight!! I have pots and pots and pots over my most recent planted flowers......will see what happens.

Mary said...

Your garden and all these flowers are just wonderful! I love the header green and summer looking! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

PJ said...

Okay, when I need help with my garden you're the one I visit, right?!! thanks for stopping by. I've never heard of Flowerville, FL, that's somewhere near....????

uncleawang said...

I love plants too and I don't have many collection like you did.Wow!!!
beautiful, Thanks for sharing and also Thank You for viewing my blog.
Have a nice day.

Aiyana said...

The Surinam Cherry is a new plant for me. It does look like a good hedge shrub. Do you eat the fruit right from the shrub, or is it used in making jams and jellies?

fishing guy said...

Darla: What a neat set of plants you have shown today. I love your Aloe Plant.

Kylee said...

That aloe is beautiful! I just have the plain old common one, but the pattern on yours is gorgeous!