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Friday, November 21, 2008

Tag You Are It!

Okay, got tagged again. This one is 6 things about me that you do not know. Thank you tile lady for thinking of me. (Love the pic of the ladies)! 1. I was a gymnast for 12 years.

2. I was a widow at the age of 24 with two children.

3. I found my biological father at the age of 18.

4. Children, not flowers are my gift in life and I make Super Nanny look stupid.

5. I had a home burn down because of lightning.

6. All of these things have made me the person I am today linking me with the person I need to be with, doing the things that make me happy. No matter the pain that was felt, I would NOT change a thing. God is good! None of this took Him by surprise and since I am created in His image, really, why should I be surprised?! ( I could and should write a book)
I hope that the people I tag will tell us a little about them, I find this interesting.
AND the winners are...........

It can be time consuming, although I like learning about the people I am ALREADY sharing my life with. Relax, enjoy and share!!!


Leedra said...

Great post. Some I knew, but a refresher course helps sometimes too.

Susie said...

Well that kind of leaves me speechless! I'm always telling my hubbie everyone has a story and girl do you ever. I would never have guessed those things. You are really strong!

bennie and patsy said...

Thank You Darla, I love being a part of your blog life. It has helped me to grow in mine and spirt to fine so many sisters in Christ.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Darla, God is good and I'm glad you have come to the other side of so much adversity. We all have our backgrounds don't we? Nice to know more about you.

Darla said...

Leedra: Thanks for the visit. You did have more of an inside knowledge about me.

Susie: Not really that strong, I just lean on the One that is strong. This is just the tip of the iceburg.

Patsy: I love having you and all of the others in my blog life too.
Iron sharpens iron.

Meems: Yesmam we ALL have backgrounds, skeletons in the closet as well as blessings and you my dear have been a blessing.

Valerie said...

Wow Darla, I loved hearing all this about you. Your story is so moving. No wonder you are the strong woman you are. Thanks for tagging me. I will try to do this today. My story will be boring though.

Darla said...

Valerie: Thanks for the visit. I can hardly wait to read about you. I'm sure it's anything but boring.

The Tile Lady said...

Oh, Darla, I am SO GLAD I tagged you! I learned so much about you today...and you are such an inspiration! God bless you and your wonderful family! Thank you for sharing some very personal things about yourself, and for sharing your strong faith and belief in God's goodness, no matter what! I'm so glad you are my blogger friend!


marmee said...

great post some interesting stuff and i can see why you are the person you are. bravo for you!

marmee said...
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fishing guy said...

Darla: That story of your life is amazing. Was it hard to share?

Jen said...

Wow! Your attitude can be your best friend or your worst enemy; I think you have a best friend in yours.

Darla said...

Tile Lady: Thanks for tagging me for this one. Glad you are my blogger friend too.

Marmee: Thanks.

Fishing Guy: Beleive it or not that is not even a fraction of my story, it's just what popped into my memory at the time I read the tag. No sir, it wasn't hard to share at all.

Jen: How I learned that lesson on Attitude! That's exactly correct. You know best friends fight sometimes we've come a long way.