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Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Help Please...Flower and Birds

So here are the cuttings that I swiped this morning of the plant that GreenJeans identified for me yesterday, I sure hope they make it, I took three. Tibouchina - Princess Flower, afternoon shade, zones 8 - 12, fast growing. Frost will kill it in zone 8 will return in spring. This one survived the 25 degrees we had the other night though. And here is the other flower I mentioned yesterday that I also need help with. It's a vine and very lovely from the street.
My daughter and I thought these pods might be the seeds, we picked one and it popped open in her hand revealing the flower. I think those little ones where the flower has fallen off may be seeds, I grabbed a couple, they might not be ready though.
Now, for those nature photographers, you know who you are, what types of birds did I find this morning while looking for a Skywatch photo?


Gail said...

I have no idea but I can't wait to come back and read about the birds and flowers...I do love that vine!


Leedra said...

Great Blue Heron and White Ibis. Go to my blog, on the left click on Great Blue Heron and then try the White Ibis. See if you agree. WARNING the birth of a birder is happenings. This is how you get hooked.

Leedra said...

To help clarify it for you....go to Google and search Great Blue Heron. I see 4 photos, notice the dark patch where yours has one.

tina said...

Good luck with your cuttings, one of my favorite things to do. I wish I could help you with the purple flower below, but I can't. Sorry!

GreenJeans said...

Darla, I think it's a Blue Sky Vine aka Thunbergia grandiflora aka Bengal Clock Vine. Do a search and see what you think. I've never grown one... but I see one every day on the way to my daughter's school. It's growing on someone's chainlink fence and it is amazing!! I don't know anything about them but Dave's Garden says you can propagate it by dividing the rootball, from leaf cuttings and from herbaceous stem cuttings.

Is another walk with clippers in your near future? lol

Louise said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

I love all your flowers and plants here! Very nice photography.

GreenJeans said...

Oops, I just realized that I forgot to tell you what Dave's said about seeds:
"Allow seedheads to dry on plants; remove and collect seeds
Properly cleaned, seed can be successfully stored"

Darla said...

I'll probably just keep a pair of clippers and a bottle of water in my car! It might look suspicious if I keep parking and walking to the same place staring at this vine. haha

Susie said...

I don't know what that flower is but it is beautiful!

The Tile Lady said...

Glad you got some of the Princess Flower! And great heron photos, too!

Darla, you have been tagged! If you wish to participate, come by my blog and see my list of things about me, and then make a list about you and pass it on!

All my best--

playsdolls said...

Do not know what kind of flowers they are but both are beautiful.

As for the Blue Heron and the White
Ibis they love it in our pond and I like to just set and watch them.

Horselip's Horse Sense said...

Hey Darla,
Thanks for checking out my blog on bloom day. Sorry it's taken so long to check out your site - put the computer in the shop.
The vine you saw is definitely blue sky vine as GreenJeans said. I have a variegated one growing in my backyard. It freezes to the ground in the winter but comes back each spring growing about 20 feet in one season. I just love it!
You've got a great blog here. I'll keep checking it out.

Sue, said...

Hi Darla,
I'm going back through the blogs of people who left comments on my Nov. GBBD, to make sure I left comments on their blogs, since I didn't make individual replies to their comments. I'm glad you had folks who could help with identification. I enjoyed looking at the pics!