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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Few Views of My Yard..

Okay for those of you that wanted wider shots this is what I have today. Remember my flowers are not up to my standards right now, so go easy on me. Remember also, I have only been working in this yard for four years . Before that there were trees and grass and not much grass. This is a side shot of my Red Brick Castle Wall. My husband just built this at the end of summer.
This is the other side. If you look across the drive you will see part of our front yard. We live at the bottom of a hill, makes gardening interesting.
This of course is the front. Should I plant something at the bottom of the wall? I will have plants trailing over the top.
The wall is behind me, this is a side shot of our home.
I love how this Dianthus has grown up the side of this oak tree. This is by our front porch.
The other side of the Oak. Day Lilies, Shrimp plant. To the left a Amaranth not doing to well now. The left side where the Amaranth is was filled with the red and green Caladiums and it was so pretty when the Amaranth was healthy.
As you can tell this is across the driveway from the wall. It's a mess as well. From this end of the driveway going around the front yard to the other end of the driveway, I missed the four Oak Trees with Day Lilies around them and then a small Camellia. We plan to connect it all the way around the front yard. (But that's a LOT of grass to get up)
This is a ongoing project as all gardens are. We are trying to go all the way around the front yard. We just planted these shrubs this past Sunday,Petite Red Ixora, 2 to 3 feet high. The Crepe Myrtle with the Pansies underneath, this is also where I have my Calla Lilies.
You saw the bench in the last photo to the left of the picture. Now this flower bed was created after the Red Brick Castle Wall, so it's really new. Just moved some Hosta up here so it's sad right now.
Behind the bench I have a few Caladiums and two Nandinas. I plan to fill it with Caladiums this spring.
Now it goes around the corner of the front yard. You see the other end of our driveway? Across it is the big Sun garden.
This is the end so far. I need to continue to the Oak Tree, see it? I have Amaryllis all around it. Then you see the little shrubs we just planted.
Here is the Sun Garden where I take all of the Butterfly and Insect photos. It really does look pretty in the Spring and Summer. It will be filled with Purple Coneflowers, Black Eye Susans, Celosia, Zinnias and then a bunch of other stuff and containers as well. Sort of like a Flower Jungle. Oh yeah, peppers tomatoes and blue berries are in here too! Will do the peppers and tomatoes in containers next year. Trying to focus on the Butterflies and other critters in this area.
Standing at the top of the other driveway. See all of the leaves.........Look at the Elephant Ears in the woods.
I am standing on the upper deck that's right outside our Kitchen. There's the beginnings of the Veggie Garden.
Looking to the other side of the yard from the upper deck. Beyond the Sunflower Tree are my husband's fruit trees....We have Tangerines and Grapefruits hanging right now. The little white building is the girls old playhouse. May turn it into a tool shed just for me. Would be a great place to store flowers. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Not much, but it's ours!!


Jen said...

I think you could charge admission to your yard. Beautiful!

GreenJeans said...

Not much??? Did you just say it's not much??? Sheesh woman... your property is amazing!! Great post, thanks for the tour! :)

Susie said...

Well I don't even know where to begin. First of all, I agree with greenjeans. Not much!!! Are you crazy!!! :lol) What a fantastic spread you have there Darla! If I lived there I don't think I would ever venture inside. There are so many things to see and do. I would be entertained for hours.

I don't think I would plant anything at the bottom of your wall if you have plants that will be hanging down. Or second thought, maybe a very low ground cover type of plant might be nice.

I think you should make that little dollhouse a potting shed. That would be cute!

Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it much!

bennie and patsy said...

OK, Dear we want pictures of you on your knees planting and weeding LOL your home is a real show place. Thanks for the tour.

Dave said...

Very nice! The wall looks like one I helped my parents build in the backyard to house a weeping cherry. It's amazing how many easy to use products are out there that look great.

Anonymous said...

Your new castle walled garden looks like it will be fantastic next summer when everything gets bigger & fills in. Your yard is huge. Your doing a beautiful job!

Leedra said...

Great post, and loved the tour. Looks huge! No wonder you are in pain.

Darla said...

You guys are too much! Thanks for all of the wonderful comments. I didn't show everything..

Susie: I am back and forth about planting below the brick wall just don't care much for the sandy look. The dollhouse is about to be mine, all I needed was one person on my side, Thank you very much.

Patsy: I can't take pictures of me on my knees weeding and planting and anyone who did would not live long enough to talk about it.

Perennial Gardener: I can't wait until it fills out.

Leedra: It is huge and yes mam I hurt ALOT! I can hurt sitting still or hurt being busy. My husband and I were talking about me not waiting until Summer break to have surgery, we will see.

For all of you that don't know, I have pinched nerves on both sides of my neck and tendonitis is my right elbow. It takes a lot of effort NOT to lay around all day.

beckie said...

Darla, I hope you get better! That must be hard to do any work with your ailments. Your yard is big enough to have full time help. :)

I love the red castle wall and the plantings are going to be lovely. I would wait until next year to see how it looks with plants spilling over befor you decide if it needs plants at the bottom. Your veggie garden is huge and will give you lots of goodies.

Can't wait to see all the caladiums. daylilies etc. Great job of turning a lawn into an oasis of flowers.

marmee said...

thanks for showing your lovely place. it is great to have so many areas to plant. it is so nice that we get to play in our outdoors, planting and planning what's next. looks great!

titania said...

Hi Darla, you have got a lovely garden and a big assortment of flowering and other plants. I love the big trees so I know it is not easy to establish a garden around them. It always takes some time to establish a garden. You have done very well and one can see that you have great pleasure doing all the gardening. I would call your garden a plants woman's garden because it is also an interesting garden. Have a great time gardening and take care. T

Valerie said...

I love your yard and your photography is amazing. Have I told you that? We have 6 acres and it is a lot of work but it is so worth it. I want a little butterfly garden next year. You might have to help me know what to plant.

tina said...

It is a lot Darla, and all very nice. Especially that castle rock garden. I think you made it large enough-which is a good thing as you don't want to have to enlarge it later. I always end up doing this:( I just love the long shots.

fishing guy said...

Darla: What a great tour through your area. I remember when the wall was built, how neat.

2sweetnsaxy said...

That's a lot of yard. I can see why you're still working on it but I think it looks great. I've only got a little piece of a yard and haven't been up to keeping that up. I'm so ashamed. :-(

The Tile Lady said...

Such a lovely bench area! Nice yard all the way around! Thanks for the tour!