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Friday, January 9, 2009

Look What I Was About To Miss..

Beautiful sky leaving the elementary school this morning. Hyacinth

Ornamental Kale with Candytuft
Candytuft in full bloom
African Daisy trying to get in on the show.
Daffodil buds
and a lingering Gulf Fritillary!

I will keep you updated on the progress of the prior posts. Life is happening all around me and I was about to miss it. Peace that surpasses understanding, that is my prayer.


Lindab said...

Darla, it's clear that you haven't given way in the face of everything that's been happening to you and your family. It refreshes the spirit of visitors to your blog to see the beautiful pictures you've posted, and I hope that you feel that too. Meantime best wishes to your son for his recovery, and to you all as you weather these events.

Roses and Lilacs said...

How lovely that camellia is. I wish they grew here. It seems impossible that a butterfly is sunning himself in your yard when we are covered in snow here. Makes us keep our sense of perspective;)

I'm sorry that the attack on your son keeps bringing new problems.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Thanks for coming back, Darla. I have missed all of your gorgeous flower posts. You are right--when things go wrong, all we have to do is look at al of the beauty happening all around us. God is Good---all of the time.

Love your Hyacinth... Gorgeous!!! Can't wait 'til ours comes up--although that will be months from now.

Hang in there my friend.. Life will get much better!!!
Hugs and Prayers,

Susie said...

The flowers are all beautiful Darla! And the sky picture is pretty too!

Hang in there girl, better times are coming back!

niartist said...

Oh Darla,
I'm so happy you took time to stop and watch the sunrise, the flowers bloom, the color ripen. I'm still praying for you and your family to find peace, health, and justice.
Happy Friday!

FeeBeeKay said...

You are a lady of true grace. You faith and ability to see the positive and beautiful are an absolute credit to you - and an inspiration to people who read your blog.

Titania said...

Dear Darla, I am very sorry for your son to have to go through such an ordeal. I hope he recovers quickly and the family too. It is so awful and scary.
Your flower garden looks wonderful and a garden is a great healer.
All my best wishes for your son and your family.

Dorothy said...

It's wonderful to see your beautiful pictures again! In that first one, don't you just love the gradual change in the colors?? The flowers and the butterfly remind us that Spring and better times are ahead.
Hugs and prayers,

Tootsie said...

when life gets hard I used to retreat to my greenhouse or my gardens....they offer a peace and comfort that nothing else has. I do hope you are taking care of yourself lady....your little family needs you!

Tootsie said...

when life gets hard I used to retreat to my greenhouse or my gardens....they offer a peace and comfort that nothing else has. I do hope you are taking care of yourself lady....your little family needs you!

bennie and patsy said...

Ok that is it I am moving to Florida. I want flowers now. Yours are so nice to look at and a butterfly to boot.

beckie said...

Darla, so glad you didn't miss these lovely things! And thank you for sharing them with a winter weary me. Gives me hope that we will see spring oneday and have lovely flowers and butterflies again.

I was so encouraged to read your response to my last comment. Good for you! Hang in there and know your family is in my prayers.

Leedra said...

Never heard of an African Daisy, that purple sure is pretty.

Becky said...

Gee Whiz! I have been behind on my reading. I am so sorry for all the things that are happening in your world. And I am praying for speedy recovery for both your sons and your car.
Things happen in three's. I hope it is over and the healing will be quick!!

Winifred said...

Lovely photos of the good things in life.

Thanks for these Darla and take care.

Sue said...

Yes, I will pray for you to have that peace that surpasses our understanding.

I'm glad you didn't miss the beauty around you. Thanks for sharing it with us!


Red said...

Goodness Darla! I just started catching up on blog reading and read these last few posts.

God certainly hit you on the head this morning to help you stop and look around :) Just in time too I think.

I pray all will get back on track immediately and that your son heals quickly, especially emotionally. I can't imagine going through that. It certainly has been a horrible start to the year. It can only get better from here!

Jamie and Randy said...

I was going to comment on your lovely flowers, but then I continued to read. I so sorry that you son had to go through something like that. It so ridiculous that we live in a world where there is violence. I cannot not wrap my mind around it. What purpose does it serve? There is no time in my mind when it is justified except in self defense. If I had one wish that could be granted, it would sincerely be that that all hatred and violence were non-existent in the human race. It has no place. I didn't read all the comments, even though I'm sure this has already been said I'm going to repeat it. Please make certain that your son gets some counseling, even if he appears to be okay. It is not a sign of weakness nor is it “un-manly” to seek counseling when you have been thru a traumatic event. Men tend to internalize way too much stuff that they should not because society has taught us “men are supposed to be strong”. You and your family are sincerely in my thoughts as you recover from this horrible experience.--Randy

Dani said...

I don't think I've ever seen an African Daisy. Very pretty!
Hope the weekend brings some calm to you all. :)

Carletta said...

I LOVE the Africian Daisy!

fishing guy said...

Darla: Sometimes when all seems bad we do miss the good things. Thanks for the reminder my friend.

auringonkukka :) said...

have a nice week!!

simply divina said...

You captured the flowers so nice..

Gail said...

Dear Darla,

I just wanted to send you a hug!


Anonymous said...

You have tons of beautiful blooms to share today with us Darla! I love the Jasmine & Camellia blossoms. :) Your radio flyer is a cute container for seasonal blooms.