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Monday, January 26, 2009

More Info On The Daffodil

There were some questions yesterday about the Daffodil that I have blooming, so here it comes.
I went out this morning and took a few more photos of this dainty beautiful Daffodil.
Gorgeous globular cluster of 15 - 20 flowers of white with light yellow center, each is a neat little double flower reminiscent of a rose or gardenia. Long lasting, both on the plant and as a cut flower.
Common Name Daffodil Earlicheer or Early Cheer
Botanical Name Narcissus Earlicheer
Very Fragrant
Height 10 - 12"
Full Sun/Partial Shade
Zones 3 - 9
Click to enlarge to see even more buds coming up from the bottom.
Bloom Time Early to Mid Spring
Naturalizes well.
I planted all of my Daffodils in November. Can't wait to show you the other ones when they begin to bloom! Hope this answers some of your questions. ( a note in my comments to you all)


Shellmo said...

I think this is my favorite daffodil now! Beautiful!
P.S. How is your son doing? Any update on catching those thugs?

Dorothy said...

These are just gorgeous!! I want to get some of these. Hope I can remember the name when it's planting time again!
I know you don't want to blog about it, but could you leave us a comment and let us know how your son is doing?

marmee said...

oh this is a beauty of a daffodil. what a great choice, darla.
hope all is well with your children. you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Darla said...

Update: My son is healing very well physically, I have seen some slight changes in his personality. He has always been quite popular and on the go. As of late he has been home by 8 O'clock and very quiet. As I told Dorothy, he is either growing up or this indeed was a life changing experience, maybe some of both. I'm thinking he may need some counseling....don't really know quite yet. He also has an anger towards a paticular race now which is disheartening because he has never seen color when he looked at people. I did not want to post anything negative because he sometimes reads my blog and I certainly don't want to worry him any more that he already is. Thanks for the concern and please continue to pray. Our 14 year old acts as if she never had pneumonia!

Yanks4Ever said...

Gorgeous Daffodils Darla!! By the way, who fed Ruby the Cheerios in the nursery? LOL!!!


Dorothy said...

Thank you so much for the update. I think the counseling may be a good idea. We will continue to pray for him, but this is something that will have a long time effect on him.

marmee said...

darla, you precious mother, being a mom of a victim must be a hard thing to handle. i know God will give you the wisdom you need though. i would certainly consider getting some help for your son, even if it is just a mentor type person he can vent with.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Darla, Thanks for the update on your son and daughter. I agree with Dorothy that he may need some counseling. It certainly wouldn't hurt... He did go through ALOT.

Now, when I grew up in VA, everyone there (including my mother) called what most everyone called Daffodils, JONQUILS. Ever heard of that?? Our Jonquils in VA were those big trumpet-looking ones, not the smaller ones you have. And--I've also heard people call the smaller ones Narcissus. Guess it depends upon where you live in the country. Whatever they are, they are GORGEOUS..


Dani said...

My mom would love these! I'll have to make sure I tell her to check out your site. :)

Meems said...

Hi Darla, I don't grow daffodils down here but my neighbor has paperwhites that bloom in clear view from my back porch I get to enjoy. Your white daffodil is lovely... nice to have blooms right now in the midst of all this cold.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Peggy said...

Thanks for the info on that beautiful daffodill. Will make a note of the name for next autumn. I hope it is available over here.
Also for the update on your son, hopefully as time goes on the incident will not hold such anger for him. He did have a very traumatic and life changing experience. Best wishes to him and your family at this time.

Darla said...

Betsy: Nope never heard of Jonquils before, Daffodils are Narcissus. I will have some large ones blooming later and some February bloomers.

Meems: My paperwhites have buds on them now.

Sandra said...

You are really lucky and blessed to have such a beautiful flowers - thank you for your visit and greetings from Croatia.

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Darla, Your Daffodil is beautiful. We won't be seeing spring flowers for at least 2 months. So, this gives me hope. Thanks for sharing.

Susie said...

That is a beautiful daffodil. I looked at your other posts that I seemed to have missed. Your primrose is quite pretty.

George said...

Thanks for the information about the daffodil and the additional pictures. Now I'm more envious than ever.

The Gardeness said...

This beats out all the plain jane daffodils around here. Now I need to go on a search. Thanks for the lovely pics, and for stopping by Garden Muse. I look forward to returning.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, the header on your blog is pretty too:)

Laurie and Chris said...

Your daffodils are so pretty. Primroses are one of my favorites. Love these colors.

Rosemarie said...

I know I say this about a millions flowers - but this is one of my favorites! Daffodils always remind me of the movie "Big Fish" - ever see it? So good! (If you like Tim Burton.)

(I think I am feeling a little better today - nights are better than mornings.)

Sue said...

That is a pretty daffodil. I've heard of the other names, but don't know the differences if there are any.

I've been watching for an update, too. I will continue to pray for your family. Your son will take some time to heal emotionally. I hope he can have some positive experiences with people of different races, and heal in that area. The people who did that could just as well been his own race. If he doesn't want to try counseling, you may want to check into a support group for those harmed by crime. Even a few meetings might be helpful.


Mariamellie said...

Dear Darla,

thanks for stopping by at my blog today :-)
Darla, I am so touched that you write "God's Voice sounds more clear when you are in the garden". I'd love to visit your field and garden then :-) and the name of your village is also so pretty. God Blesses You!

Alan said...

That's a great looking daffodil. Can't wait to see your other blooming bulbs!

Wicked Gardener said...

Beautiful flowers Darla! I missed what happened to your son, but I he's better soon.

Titania said...

Hi Darla, pretty pictures of the fragrant Earlycheer. It is the only Daffodil which is recurrent and grows in my garden. It increases well and like you suggested they are great as cutflowers.

Leedra said...

Daffodils and Jonquils are not quite the same. Brecks has both in their catalogs. But I think mostly the Jonquils are the old fashioned type, big and yellow. May be wrong, may be different names for the same flower, but don't think so.

Thanks for the update on your family. Still praying.

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Leedra said...

This is a gorgeous daffodil! Can't wait to see the others.

Leedra’s Photos For Fun
Leedra’s Greeting Cards
Photography By Leedra

MedaM said...

This is beautiful series of photos. These are flowers that I too like very much. All photos are beautiful but the last one is my favorite with those water drops which can be seen better when the photo is enlarged.

beckie said...

Darla, this is a lovely daffodil! I don't think I've ever seen it before, but will be on the look out for some this fall. Thanks for the update on the kids. Still thinking of all of you.

2sweetnsaxy said...

I love this daffodil. Now that you mention it, it does look like a gardenia. Aaaahhh, I miss the aroma of gardenias. :-)